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Finger in the Nose started in the heart of Paris and founded by Siv Tone Kverneland from Norway. It is characterized by Scandinavian ease and a touch of French elegance – a quality noticeable in brand's every collection. This brand with a perverse name offers clothing and accessories for older kids and teens.

The love for clean and timeless designs and the desire to create original clothing drives Finger in the Nose to create functional products from the highest quality materials so that they combine comfort, style and quality. Nothing is left to chance during the production process and each item of the collection is tested and controlled to ensure the best possible quality when creating a product aimed at children.

Finger in the Nose means high quality fabrics from Europe and durable design. The graphics are extremely original and are crucial part of the brand's DNA. It's about freedom, beach culture, music, nature, motorcycle culture...

The spring/summer 2018 collection is aimed at kids who are often on their way and who like to be noticed. They can choose from comfortable, cotton rompers and tant tops in pink and dark green. Great overall, which thanks to its universal cut and dark blue color looks fantastic in both girl and boy version. Multicolor hoodie with stripes and golden, shiny shorts is a perfect combination for cooler summer evenings. Each collection from Finger in the Nose features jackets that combine style and functionality and are perfect for both urban and outdoor activities. Black and pink jacket with blue inserts and embroidered palm trees on the back perfectly emphasizes the youth style and Rainbow Hologram, an extremely original jacket with a hood, which shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow will surely attract the attention of many.

The design of the 2018 spring/summer collection refers to the United States, which is why it had to feature the most iconic American family of all – the Simpsons. Short-sleeved shirts in blue and yellow featuring Bart Simpson are hand-painted and made of the best quality cotton, so that every time your child puts them on, they become something new and unique. Skate dark gray sweatshirt with Bart Simpson and light gray one with Lisa Simpson are extremely comfortable and have a small hole for the thumb in the welt – a solution that older kids simply adore. A black, long sweatshirt with a hood and a front pocket can be worn as a dress or with trousers as a more casual outfit. The design also refers to the iconic series and features both Bart and Lisa on the sleeves and, of course, it has a hole for the thumb. To complete the outfit we offer a hat featuring Bart Simpson. It is comfortable and can be adjusted at the back. Finger in the Nose is a fashion brand for children with an authentic and original style. The French seem to like it, since the brand has three shops located in the heart of Paris. Now, when the products from Finger in the Nose are finally available at our store, you can help bring that Scandinavian ease with a touch of French elegance onto the streets of Poland...


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