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The story of Méduse began in 1946 when our first beach sandals were made. Soft, plastic shoes with a distinctive spiked sole, rounded tip and woven stripes are the symbol of the true Méduse style to this day. After World War II, leather supplies were running low, which meant that an alternative material was needed for the production of footwear. Innovation in the production process combined with the production of plastic inspired the creator of Méduse to design shoes made entirely of this revolutionary material.

Modern injection moulding technology has brought Méduse early creations to life. Originally they were produced in two parts, but now the process has evolved to allow for single mould production. Méduse is the only company that manufactures plastic shoes in France, and many years of experience make it an expert in its field. All products in the Méduse series are made of plastics that do not contain phthalates, which are responsible for allergy and asthma. Taking care of the environment is very important for Méduse, hence all products are 100% recyclable.

With the advent of the sixties, women came to love plastic Méduse sandals as a perfect supplement to their holiday outfits, wearing them at the beach with mini skirts and bikinis. Ever since Méduse Sun has been a bestseller. Nowadays, Méduse is still manufacturing and selling its original model. Méduse Sun sandals have remained unchanged since 1946, and the design has become timeless. Meduse Sun is a product recognized all over the world due to its functionality, low maintenance costs and ease of use. Meduse Sun are the perfect summer sandals that can be worn at the beach. They protect against the warmth of the sand and against underwater dangers such as sharp rocks and sea urchins. They are also perfect for wearing in the city on hot sunny days because they are extremely light and the sole is made of breathable and non-slip material.

Meduse sandals, despite being produced in an unchanged form for years, are extremely popular. The company pays a lot of attention to ensuring that colours are in line with the latest trends. That's why every season brings something new. From transparent brocade colours, through intense hues to neon madness.

Méduse, in addition to its iconic rounded sandals with woven straps, also offer other collections such as slip-on sandals, sandals with several diagonal stripes, sandals with heels or ballerinas. On rainy days, you can choose short Wellington boots with fashionable details or knee-high ones with unique patterns. One thing is certain: whoever dares to put on Méduse shoes will love them forever.


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