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The OYOY company has been established in 2012 by Lotte Fynboe who is an educated designer specializing in interior and furniture design. OYOY's vision is creating functional products made from high quality materials, in pleasant colors and forms. The name OYOY is inspired by the letters OY which constitute the marking for every Danish airplane since 1929. The letters OY signify that it is a Danish company, which has its headquarters located at the western coast of Denmark, just a few kilometers from the North Sea.

OYOY creates high quality products focusing on the design, functionality, colors, and extraordinary materials. They are inspired by classic Scandinavian deigns, with added undertones of simple Japanese design.

The OYOY MINI collection is designed with children in mind. Perfect quality products in cute colors and original forms will enchant playful souls. Shape, graphic, color, and pure materials inspire Latte Fynboe, and her motto is "less is more". Many products constitute redesigned childhood memories. The offer of OYOY MINI includes cushions in original forms - a dog, penguin, cat, or rabbit. Cushions in the form of a bonbon with pompoms, a sweet pretzel, or a colorful rainbow perfectly decorate rooms designed for children.

Playtime will become even more comfortable thanks to a soft rug placed on the floor. Cotton, handmade, the one in the shape of a rectangle featuring a curvy road will lead a toy car into the forest, while the one featuring a world map is going to allow traveling to the land of the penguins. The rugs are made in the color of dirty white, grey, and black, and are going to add a comfy atmosphere to the interior. And after playing, all of the treasures can be hidden in a large beige or pink bag made from organic cotton, which will look beautiful hanging on a wall. After an exhausting session of fun comes the time for a meal. The table may be decorated by a fixed silicon mat which allows maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. The mat can be square with an airplane or rainbow design, the same as on the pillow, or round with either the same playful world map as featured on the rug or a dog, found also on a pillow.

The unique, functional, and simple OYOY products are designed in accordance with the "less is more" principle, and leave much to the children's imagination. Let your child follow the rainbow...


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