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The Yoli & Otis brand was created in sunny Australia. The company's founder, Lena Catterick, lives with her family in Byron Bay, the easternmost point of the country, among the sandy beaches of the Coral Sea. The name Yoli & Otis refers to the name of the designer's eldest son and his favourite dog Otis.

The Yoli & Otis brand originated in the need to create a perfect baby carrier for Yoli when he was a newborn baby. His parents searched for the perfect solution, and when they didn't find it, they decided to create one themselves: one that combines a shawl and a standard carrier. The design really worked, providing comfort for the parents and the very important sense of closeness for the little boy. That's how the first Yoli & Otis design was born. Today, the company offers not just the carriers but also baby clothing, childrenswear and a women's collection.

Yoli & Otis is a brand run by nature's lovers, so all the clothes are made from 100% organic cotton. Using organic cotton is not just a fashionable marketing fad, but results from a genuine belief that using it expresses one's care for the nature and thus care for one's children's wellbeing. Organic cotton farming promotes clean air, water and soil. Cotton is farmed without pesticides and genetic modifications. The plantations don't threaten wild vegetation or human health and are run using traditional methods of organic farming. Organic cotton is grown and processed without harmful chemicals, which makes it a perfect fabric for sensitive baby skin. It is also gentle, soft and strong.

At Yoli & Otis, dyes are also natural. The company uses knowledge with its roots in ancient history. In this process, natural fabrics are dyed using herbal dyes such as turmeric, henna, aloe and indigo. No chemicals are used in the process and the fabrics are 100% safe and 100% free from chemical substances. To keep the colours vivid and bright, only natural mordants such as myrobalan, rhubarb leaves, oils, minerals, alum and iron vat are used. Yoli & Otis don't use heavy metals like copper, chrome, zinc or tin. In some cases, the lack of chemicals can result in small colour differences, this is part of the charm of an environmentally-friendly fabric. By dyeing fabrics in a natural and environmentally-friendly way, Yoli & Otis cares for the environment in as holistic a way as possible. The company also recommends environmentally friendly detergents for washing natural products, and keeping the items away from aggressive detergents as they might make the colours fade and run.

Yoli & Otis also takes care of packaging. By using recycled products, they reduce the amount of landfill which generates methane and other harmful air pollutants.

The natural production process led to the creation of a beautiful and safe fabric, used to make charming vintage-style childrenswear. Comfy linen dungarees Igor Overalls, an airy long dress Haddi in cotton with straps and buttons, a hand-made long-sleeved Lina Dress in blue or various long and short sleeved tops in natural colours make up a product offer that fulfills the expectations of the most demanding parents.

They expect their children to grow in a clean and beautiful world without chemicals while wearing fabulous clothes designed with joyful adventures of childhood in mind.


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