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The BeauLoves brand is back with the new collection autumn/ winter 2018. Perfect clothes for adventure loving kids. Unusual prints, unique characters, and a lot of style and love! All Beau Loves collections are designed, printed and made in London, caring for quality and respect for the environment.

The latest collection from Beau Loves brand is full of elegance, and is inspired by books and music. Clothes are very comfortable for the youngest. The collection contains the latest trends and is full of geometric patterns. The strips often appear, most often in the most fashionable color set - black and white.

The collection abound brilliant colors, although the vast majority appear in iconic, subdued colors. Tops, dresses and jackets dominate with a unique and mysterious mask motif. Imaginative, creative and charming inscriptions appear on the clothes.

The latest offer from Beau Loves highlights the distinct personality, passions and interests of each child. Creative and unique prints make this collection unique.


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