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Bobo Choses vs The Animals Observatory

The world of children's fashion is as interesting and inspiring as the world of grown-up fashion. It easily adapts and introduces different trends. It is full of brands that follow their own rules and create their unique worlds. In comparison to adult fashion, brands creating for the youngest have a more difficult task - their designs not only have to please the eye and stimulate the imagination, but also fulfil a number of conditions. After all, our children are a very demanding group of consumers who instantly verify the usefulness of a given thing and give a honest review. Brands bend over backwards to meet the natural demands of their youngest customers. Fabrics cannot be scratchy, and the cuts must not restrict movement.

Today we want to present you profiles of two Spanish brands that have won the hearts of children and their parents. Each of them knows their customers well and knows how to provide them not only with comfort, but also with the joy of wearing clothes. Their collections are eagerly awaited by the fans, and observers are keenly interested in what's going to be presented each new season.

They have created their own style, which has gains numerous fans as well as many opponents.

But let's go back to the very beginning...

Bobo Choses

The brand celebrates its 10th birthday this year. It was created by combining convenience, fun, and tradition. To that mix, a dose of Spanish temperament was added, manifested in a rich palette full of vivid colours and their non-obvious combinations. The original creative director Laia Aguilar was responsible for the brand's association with a happy, fun-filled childhood. Prints of everyday objects, fruit, animals, or funny inscriptions, appeared on the fabrics. Since then, each season's collection has been inspired by the immediate surroundings and, at the same time, presented a particular story. Despite the fact that Adriana Esperabla took over as the creative director, the brand has remained faithful to its original style. The prints showcase the leading motifs the brand chooses for the season. That's how references to the works of well-known painters appear, blended with still-life motifs or inspiration from the world of sport and the 1980s.

Bobo wants to surprise, but also to treat fashion as a part of everyday reality. It must be comfortable enough to allow for spending time playing games and learning about the world. What's more, the brand makes every effort to educate through fashion - presenting desirable attitudes or engaging in the struggle for the benefit of our planet. The youngest creators are invited to contribute to the capsule collections, with a chance to let their imagination run wild. Their drawings appear on boys' t-shirts and girls' dresses. With every season, Bobo Choses' collections enhance the brand's position in the world of children's fashion. Original designs combined with cuts often referring to previous decades have helped the brand win the hearts of parents and children. Accessories are also very important as the proverbial "cherry on top". Among these, we can find children's tights and knee-highs bursting with colour, or warm winter hats with surprising features. And in the summer? In the summer, we can provide our children with a terry bathrobe to wrap in after a swim in the sea, or a colorful backpack for mountain hikes.

The Animals Observatory

A slightly younger brand, but also with the Spanish temperament. Laia Aguilar has to be mentioned at the beginning of this brand's story too. The Animals Observatory (abbreviated to TAO) is her own project. Laia is the founder and the artistic director of TAO. Some say that everything that Laia touches turns into gold and succeeds. This was also the case with The Animals Observatory. Initially, there was speculation on whether the new brand would not become a clone of Bobo Choses. Without paying attention to such opinions, Laia launched the new brand with a bang. In addition to being a creator and an expert in children's trends, Laia also understands the world of fashion and the expectations of the youngest and the older customers. One of the first collections was created in collaboration with a model and designer, and at the same time a partner of one of the Spanish league footballers - Vanessa Lorenzo. Such collaboration with a known personality, and also the name of a world-famous athlete's definitely created a buzz and increased the interest in the collection.

And what about those comparisons? Looking at the existing collections of the younger brand, it is easy to see that it is a more mature offering. The colours are more muted, but in such a way that all shades can be combined at will. It is still children's fashion, and the clothes provide comfort in everyday situations. However, there are always some tasteful twists in the details, for example a higher waist in boys' trousers or subtle puff sleeves in girls' blouses. For Laia, fashion is a way to express oneself and to show the uniqueness of the world. This is perfectly illustrated by the motto and the philosophy of the brand: "be a good animal". This reference reflects the connection between the world of people and the world of animals. Similarly to Bobo, the surrounding world becomes the inspiration. TAO collections often refer to alternative culture and art, or science. The prints also bring to mind the adult world. In place of sweet animals or classic dots, we see figures resembling, for example, Le Corbusier or Patti Smith. Looking at the clothing styles, you can see that the fashion always goes back. The cuts often reference the 1980s - short and wide sweatshirts, shirts with puff sleeves, simple trousers with pleats. Everything is served as a new edition and enhanced by the current trends. TAO are the masters in creating unusual and unique accessories that complete the look. They arouse considerable cravings! In previous collections, peaked caps with detachable insulation or hats with a fur lining became a hit.

We adore both brands for their unforced casual styles and the ease of mixing and matching. It is a typical everyday style in which our children feel at ease and are able to enjoy themselves.

Who is your favorite? Do you share the enthusiasm and admiration for these brands? :-)


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Comments (2)

    • Megan
    • 2018-10-12 14:30:38
    My choice is Bobo Choses. Ahh Bobo!
    • Ashley
    • 2018-10-15 23:02:04
    Vote for The Animals Observatory!

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