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Repose AMS is the exclusive brand of Amsterdam, which values simplicity and harmony. Since 2014, it has been providing timeless designs for children. They impress with their refined taste and unpretentiousness. The fall/winter 2018 collection with the magic title "Light" aims to lighten-up the gloomy autumn days.

The wonderful warm colors are a real asset of this new collection. In the environment of ever-present motley of colors, toned-down natural tones are incredibly fashionable. The boys' sweatshirts with long beige sleeves, a red sign "Nothing Happened" and the brown Repose AMS logo add charm to every little man. The contrasting sweatshirts in cross stripes, blue-white and red-white, are an ideal basis for an autumn style. Warm red-brown sweater with small geometrical symbols, made from cotton with a bit of soft wool guarantees comfort even during colder days.

Repose AMS trousers will surely be of interest to demanding boys. They feature a fashionable, narrowing style, exquisite finishing, capacious pockets and elastic in the waist. Additionally, the trousers are available in three extraordinary colors: grey-blue, golden bronze and deep red. All of this makes Repose AMS trousers excellent for informal styles. The fall/winter collection has to include knitted fabrics. Charming dark brown cardigan, fastened with buttons and made from a cotton thread with a bit of wool may become the most loved sweater of your child. And the matching yellow or bronze cap will add character to the elegant style.

Repose AMS is a combination of comfort, high quality and modern aesthetics, the qualities of a refined taste. Repose AMS searches for relaxation and introduces harmony to our everyday, fast-moving world.


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