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Child-focused businesses are often born from a remarkable bond and emotions that connect a family. Nothing compares to the creative power of the feelings towards our loved ones, which inspire the creation of beautiful things. It was similar with Bonton.

Marie - France and Bernard Cohen founded the French Bonpoint brand, famous worldwide for its quality and dedication to the classic principles of French fashion. Bonton was not only appreciated by the parents, but also noticed by such fashion oracles as Vogue. After Bonton shows, delighted mothers would rush to the boutique to get identical dresses for themselves and for their little ones.

While the parents were designing and making the clothes, little Thomas watched. The son of the founders and the future creator of Bonton learned the trade under the experienced eye of his parents. Watching the efforts of his parents, their involvement in the business, and the hard work they had to put in to follow the difficult path of business taught Thomas by example how to move about in the world of fashion. And at the same time, he was learning the craft. Of course we cannot forget about the natural sense for fashion trends and flavors, which every French fashion lover has in their blood. Especially those living and growing up in Paris, where inspirations lurk round every corner.

Perhaps it was the combination of all of these factors that made the idea of creating his own brand germinate in Thomas’ mind. Who knows...


In 1999, Thomas and Irene, his wife, who had also been working at the Bonpoint office, decided to enter the world of children’s fashion. Each of them with their own experience, knowledge and attitude towards creating something new. During their travels, they were planning the future of their own business. They dreamt of creating a brand exclusively for children. The main principle was the combination of classic cuts with timelessness. Each design had to be flavored with a pinch of color and some amusing ideas.

Bonton opened the doors of its first Paris boutique to its customers in 2001. It was a dream come true and the continuation of family model. It was also the beginning of the conquest of the world of children’s fashion. Bonton’s crazy, joyful approach to fashion also manifests in their boutiques. In 2007, Le Grand Bonton was created - a concept store that became the reflection of the joyful philosophy of the brand. A true paradise for each visitor. You can find everything there - from fashion designs to home accessories (bedlinen and furniture) to a hair salon. All of that situated in a space used also for various meetings, workshops or cookery courses.

The brand’s appetite continued to grow and, in 2014, Bonton opened its flagship store in Tokyo.

The key to their success is the combination of colors and humor, flavored with fun. These elements make the brand win the hearts of parents worldwide. Several well-known celebrities are amongst Bonton’s fans. This shows that the brand knows no boundaries and putting quality

Each season, the brand works with other companies. Together, they create the distinctive elements which feature in a specific collection. Throughout their thirteen years on the market, Bonton has remained faithful to its principles. Their collections consist of the basic items of children’s clothing. However, everything gets a new look thanks to the use of a wide range of colors. That’s how the timeless clothes acquire a new style, which reflects the contemporary times.

Bonton’s range includes their signature items such as jackets in the distinctive moss stitch or cardigans in chunky wool. Their offer a huge variety of materials with various textures: from thick cotton to delicate fabrics such as flowing voile, to velvets and fleeces, often decorated with embroidered details such as dots or tiny hearts.

If you are curious about the French Bonton brand, their collection will be available at our store soon. We can’t wait!


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