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The most magical time of the year is approaching fast! Christmas preparations period is very special. We can creatively spend this time with our children, gathering memories full of magical glow. For us, of course, the most exciting task is the decoration of our apartments or houses, which we always really look forward to!

Only 10 days are left until the Christmas dinner with our loved ones. This is a great time to add some last decorative touches to our homes. Take care of the highlights and unique details and let yourself indulge in your wildest accessory dreams. Miss Lemonade will help you bring a truly festive feeling into your interiors, an atmosphere that will forever remain in your and your child's memories.

Hanging decorations rule!

The most popular, fastest to put up and the most spectacular seasonal decorations are the perennial hanging ones, the ones we have always had in some form. Such solutions are popular due to their easy and non-invasive assembly.

When we hear "Christmas decorations", everyone immediately thinks: garlands! The modern ones are different from those we remember from our childhood, but it's hard for us not to be tempted to say that they are even more beautiful.

This season, we focus on white and gold. This classic combination never really goes out of fashion and guarantees consistency and harmony of the whole decoration scheme.

The use of garlands, just like their form, has evolved over the years. Nowadays, we hang them not only in the windows or on our balconies, but also over buffet tables, above the mantelpiece or the baby's cot. There are many possibilities - your imagination is the only limit!

The white garland from the House Doctor collection is a snowflakes-themed fantasy and will add pleasing lightness to your interior -- just like the first powdery snow.


The golden stars from Numero 74 represent a slightly different style. Their simplicity reveals the beauty of the handicraft. Each element in this unique garland differs slightly from the others, which gives an impossible-to-match natural character to any ornamental composition.

If you want to stay with the theme of stars, we have another idea for you! Stick-on stars from Ferm Living, made of PVC, are a perfect solution for anyone who appreciates freedom in their decorations. Stars work very well on smooth surfaces, so you can use them on your windows, walls and even tiles.

Freely create a starry composition with your child - and enjoy your own unique constellation!

Time for the presents!

To give Christmas gifts-giving a worthy setting, let's pay some attention to the Christmas tree. OYOY has got for us an unusual offer, which will complement the decoration of your Christmas tree with a natural touch.

100% natural, cotton "sugar canes" from OYOY offer a truly ecological solution for all lovers of timeless classics. The ornaments' collection remains within a pleasant colour palette related to gold, so you can easily incorporate it into your 2018 decorative scheme.

And when it comes to the Christmas gift itself, you can not forget about the traditional stocking!

The stocking from Ferm Living literally knocked us down with the quality of its finish. The mustard-coloured velvet will perfectly fit into the current trends, and the stylish gold thread will ensure that Santa will not miss it!

And then the eagerly-awaited gift will fall into the stocking! Perhaps it will be a unique, hand-made Pinocchio from the Garbo&Friends collection? 

We can only guess!

Time spent with your loved ones

During the festive time, we can enjoy moments in the company of people closest to us. During the festive time, we can enjoy moments in the company of people closest to us. Sneak a festive touch in functional accessories, to maintain the consistency of the look and to create a really cosy atmosphere.

The most often chosen, easy-to-replace decorative items in our living rooms are, of course, cushions - truly irreplaceable! They will let you change the feel of the room in just a few moments, and the possibilities are endless!

For the fans of decorative cushions, Madame Stoltz has a velvet offer.

The workmanship and the timeless elegance literally take one's breath away. The cushion collection fits perfectly into the current Christmas trends, but nothing prevents you from using them in your interior designs again, after the holiday season!

You can also use the decorative cushion trick in your child's room. Numero 74 has charming star-shaped cushions that will surely appeal to any stylish princess.

The understated design of stars means that you are bound to use them outside the holiday season.

The last touch

Sometimes, when working on our design, we feel unsatisfied. Wall decorations can help at such times. In order not to overdo it and to maintain a stylish tone of the interior design, it is worth choosing accessories that complement previously chosen Christmas decorations, but in an understated way.

To complement the cosy winter atmosphere in your Little Treasure's room, use a beautiful poster that will surely catch every eye and be the final cherry on the cake of your efforts. Mrs Mighetto has prepared for us a collection of magical drawings, whose compact colours will surely satisfy the requirements of every little aesthete.

And for slightly older aesthetes, a wall mirror will always offer a perfect solution to the lack of decoration-satisfaction.

A round mirror from the Nordal collection is a good idea for a final touch in almost every style. Its simplicity helps it easily blend with any stylish interior.

Anticipation time

When your interior is ready, you can start counting down the days until the meeting with your loved ones. Turn your waiting time into fun with the amazing Advent Calendar from Fabelab. This unique calendar is a set of 24 charming characters, each with its own pocket for a small something for your little one.

After the Christmas period, the calendar becomes a charming play set and will remain with your child for longer!

We hope that your head is now full of ideas and inspiration! Whatever you choose for yourself, we are sure that your home will be unique this Christmas.

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