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Caramel was founded in 1999 by Eva Karayianni, a lawyer who had always loved children's clothing. She began designing children's clothes in order to change people's attitudes to childrenswear. It felt to her that children either had to wear mass-produced clothing, or expensive, glitzy things, often impractical or anachronistic - and none of those clothes expressed the true meaning of childhood.

Eva was working as a lawyer so nothing prepared her for setting up Caramel. She spent two years searching for hand-made knits in Peru, or clothing from small designers in London or the Cotswolds. She run the business from the guest room to start with, then moved to the kitchen. Eventually, she opened a small shop near the iconic Michelin [on nie jest ukryty - to w zasadzie poważny ''landmark'' w Chelsea/Kensington] building in London's Brompton Cross area. It soon became clear that her current suppliers couldn't fulfil the growing needs of her customers, so Eva made the huge step and started to design the clothes herself. She was looking for a modern, distinctive style which would be beautiful and comfortable, but at the same time stylish and casually relaxed in an English way. The designer looks for inspiration in the charm of vintage features, shifts the colour palette playing with colour and texture of the fabrics. Caramel clothes are functional and transcend the fashion trends. Caramel combines attention to detail, distinctive tailoring and collar shapes, finest fabrics and nostalgia-evoking knits in modern shades. Caramel designs are recognisable all over the world because of their distinctive, unconventional character and occasional fancy details. Every day Eva proves that it's possible to run a successful business driven by intuition, creativity and passion.

The spring/summer 2018 collection was inspired by 1930's childrenswear. The simplicity and formality of the decades gone by are loosely referenced and cleverly combined with Caramel's typically distorted, muted palette in shades of sepia and matte photographs. Simple, uncomplicated shapes herald subtle elegance, raw and natural, invoking play in a sun-drenched woodland glade or a lazy rest by the waterside. The new collection is dominated by kaleidoscope patterns: tops, dresses and shirts in muted oranges and yellows. Jumpers and tops in nautical while-and-blue stripes, soft bloomers, rompers and vests in colourful stripes, mint-green cardigans [cardigans jeżeli na guziki, inaczej: jumpers] for cooler days, button-down dresses ideal for children's playtime. The Caramel collection references retro styles, but it's also modern and sophisticated: casually English indeed.


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