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When selecting items to stock in our store, we want to give you a choice, which is why our careful selection is guided by aesthetics, but also by our own experience. We ask questions about practicality, safety and usage details for each item that will eventually make its way to our youngest customers. We devote a lot of thought to fulfilling even the most detailed requirements.

We want the process of shopping itself: browsing, choosing and buying, to be pure pleasure, without any worries.

To celebrate Miss Lemonade's 5th birthday, we decided to select our 5 favorite items from our range. We love everything about these products: the workmanship, the ideas, but above all, the joy they give to the loved ones.

These 5 items we have chosen for you have won our hearts for good. They are timeless and beloved not just by the children, but also their parents. Certainly in our experience ;-)

Posters from Mrs. Mighetto

Subtle drawings that appear on posters, decorative cards or wallpapers. A poster like this on the wall will make the room feel lighter and softer. The little watercolor masterpieces from the Swedish pair - Anna and Malin - containing a dose of magic. We can't wait for the release of their new collection, to see what theme they have chosen for this season. Each collection delights the eye.

Numero74 canopy

This item proves that simplicity can be a products's greatest strength. The minimalist design of this accessory will work wonders in any interior. It creates a magical space for sleep or play in a child's room. It is made of delicate cotton that wraps in its subtle and (caution!) addictive fragrance. The range includes several options. The plain version goes well with falling stars garlands. A lace version offers an alternative. The floral pattern will suits lavishly ornamented interiors as well as vintage-style rooms. In our opinion, this is a perfect gift idea - for children and for adults. The canopy will transport you to a dreamland.

OYOY rug

OYOY is a Danish brand that produces functional interior accessories. They stand out with their practical usability and interesting designs. OYOY combines functionality and enjoyment. Their Adventure Rug is not only decorative, but can be used as a great accessory during play. It shows a path through a variety of different landscapes, and hence inspires imaginative play. It is made of cotton that's safe for the skin of children playing on the rug.

Trixie backpacks

Practical and made of thick cotton, which makes them perfect for kindergarten children. But most importantly - a joy to look at. Perfect for nursery, school, or for various trips. These backpacks will hold all your children's treasures. We love them for their unique animal-like form and the colourful patterns. Now, together with our kids, we can tame the entire zoo!

Garbo & Friends bedding

Extraordinarily soft and pleasant to touch. Created from top-quality materials. Decorated with patterns inspired by the world of plants and animals. It will easily transport you into the world of dreams. The bedding sets come in different sizes, so the range is perfect for the whole family. Our favourite is the dark green design decorated with forest motifs.

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