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Liv interior returns with its latest collection, which will transform your home into a place full of style, comfort and softness. The Scandinavian brand founded by Tina and Assad Mirza tries to capture the best things in life in its collections, drawing inspiration from everyday life of many cultures and nationalities. That's why every product they offer has something extraordinary, adding life and interest to any room.

Soft cushions

Liv Interior is synonymous with wonderful, soft and stylish cushions. They delight with their appearance but also with the quality materials. Made mostly of glossy velvet, they look beautiful as ornaments, but also fulfil a practical role. Liv interior selection includes, among others:

Velvet floor cushion - available in graphite, blue, emerald and yellow and ideally suited to sitting on the floor. Thanks to the side handle, it can be conveniently carried from place to place. It can be used in a kids' room, for a child who loves to play on the floor, but it will also work in a living room with a low table.

Round velvet cushion - a beautiful velvet cushion in five colours: yellow, lilac, graphite, cream, and sea-green. The cushion is ideally suited for a living room or bedroom ornament. The beautiful, expressive colours will add fresh energy to each room, while the round shape makes it easy to match with virtually anything.

Chair cushions - previously available cushions return to add warmth to interiors on autumn and winter days. The cushions will appear in several previously available colours: lilac, light grey, grey, graphite, plum, and in a completely new hue: pink. These cushions can play two roles. They can be used as chair cushions or as cushions to sit on the floor. The use depends only on the ingenuity of the person arranging the interior.

Velvet cushion cases

If you already have decorative cushions but the decor needs refreshing, a velvet cushion case from Liv Interior is the perfect solution. The latest collection will include 45x45 cm cushion cases in many colours. The square cases are pleasant to touch and have tassels all around, thanks to which they can work as decorations, and are also suitable for cushions used to rest your head. The choice of colours will allow you to choose a cushion case that fits perfectly into any interior. The choice includes soft pinks and beiges, but also darker colours, including grey, burgundy and plum. Thanks to the velvet fabric, the cushion cases are slightly glossy, which will add life to your interior and make the room look really special.

Quality above all

Liv Interior designers draw inspiration for each collection from their travels around the world. Thanks to that, a mix of cultural influences from around the world is noticeable in their collections. They attach great importance to the quality of materials and the manufacturing of their products. All products are made by hand using traditional techniques, so as to ensure the transfer of cultural heritage from generation to generation. Liv Interior supports environmentally-friendly production, which is why some products are made from recycled materials.

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