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Mini Rodini is a Scandinavian brand that started its adventure with creating children's clothes in 2006. The founder and designer is Cassandra Rhodin, who creates beautiful graphics for children. Thanks to her and her remarkable designs, the Mini Rodini brand is currently one of the most recognized brands in Scandinavia and in the world.

Inspirated by nature

Mini Rodini is a very popular brand. This season it returns to us with equally beautiful clothes. This time the collection focuses mainly around animals. Cats, dogs, ducks are only part of this wonderful collection. Expressive graphics give the latest collection from Mini Rodini an additional charm. Patterns that will be hosted here are an absolute trend this season, especially ducks and dogs. We will find them on wonderful dresses, leggings, jackets and blouses. The combination of these patterns, together with expressive, warm colors makes the collection different. The characteristic element of the autumn-winter collection from Mini Rodini is placing patches and prints with a panda on the clothes. We will find them, among others, on beautiful colorful sweaters appearing in simple version and as a cardigan with buttons

On colder days

Winter is approaching very fast so it's time to think about warmer clothes. Mini Rodini prepared a number of proposals specially for this occasion. The basis for winter days is a warm jacket. Mini Rodini offers a zippered, waterproof jacket with fur at the hood. It will be available in two models: navy blue with duck and green with penguins. If you have a jacket, it's time to choose the overalls. They are a brilliant solution for winter plays in the snow. Their advantage is that they are warm and waterproof just like jackets. You can get them in two models: panda-shaped coverall and green with a penguins like jacket. Both suits have hoods. The last element of a child's wardrobe in winter are hats and gloves. Fall-winter collection includes several models, mainly in dark colors. The characteristic element of all hats and gloves from Mini Rodini is a leather patch with penguin on them.

The highest quality clothes

Mini Rodini makes sure that their clothes are sewn with the utmost care and from the best fabrics. A lot of attention is paid to the convenience, that's why their clothes have rather simple fashions, what makes them perfect for any occasion. In addition, a simple cut in combination with wonderful graphics gives an amazing effect. An additional advantage of this brand is their production, which is fully ecological. Mini Rodini creates collections with the thought of both, the youngest and the older children, so their clothes are also available in the version for infants.


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