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The long-awaited collection of the Spanish brand The Animals Observatory will soon delight all of us. The latest collection, as usual, will surprise with original designs and creativity of creators. Card motifs, ubiquitous stripes and fun graphics are just a foretaste of what TAO offers in the autumn-winter collection.

Clubs or spades?

This is a question that we will face when choosing sweatshirts, pants or dresses from TAO. In the latest collection, this is one of the designer's main inspirations. Reference to the card motifs can be found in the form of two patterns: club and spades. They adorn whole clothes or they are just a single sign placed on the fabric. Their cold colors additionally make the mysterious effect associated with the winter aura.

Brush painted

A very interesting idea is using the brush stroke effect in the latest collection. It occurs in two versions. The first one is brush reflection on gray fabric. This combination causes that the pattern created in this way gives a camo effect, but in a much more interesting version than the standard one. Another way to use the brush stroke effect is to make brown patterns on beige fabric what gives cheetah effect.


Stripes are another trend in this season, which is also included in The Animals Observatory collection. In the autumn-winter TAO collection, they appear in the form of thick, vertical and horizontal stripes imitating retro style. Sweatshirts are decorated with the inscription or other graphics on the front, depending on the model. This pattern looks interesting on pants, where vertical stripes combine with horizontal stripes giving a very interesting effect.

Elastics at the legs

The latest TAO collection is distinguished not only by interesting graphics but also by the fashion of clothes. This season noteworthy are pants with an elastic at the legs. Pants are available in several colors and in the version with stripes. They can easily be matched to other products of the brand. The pants are made of soft cotton, which makes them even more comfortable and pleasant to wear.

How to mix it?

The autumn-winter collection from The Animals Observatory abounds in many designs, often very different. So the question arises, how to combine them to look stunning? The answer to this question is very simple: reject standard mixes. You must have fun while completing stylization. Standard solutions will not work in this collection due to non-standard products. The brand encourages you to experiment with style, combine colors and different designs. Stripes and triangles, spades with club, camo with stripes. Such combinations are offered by The Animals Observatory. The latest collection will definitely give all mothers a lot of fun while completing the styling.


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