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Tocoto Vintage was founded more than 6 years ago by Marta Navarro, inspired by her love for her children, the sea and the tiny island of Formentera in the Spanish Balearics. Tocoto Vintage is based in Spain in Terrassa, a small town near Barcelona. All designs are manufactured in Spain and Portugal, using the best fabrics and meticulous attention to detail.

The Tocoto Vintage designer draws inspiration from her many travels, during which she visits local garment markets and antiques fairs. The nostalgic trips into the past can be seen, first of all, in subtle designs reminiscent of bygone days. Paradise white beaches, endless shades of Mediterranean blue and spectacular sunsets have an incredible influence on the colour scheme in each collection. Depending on the collection we can choose from the muted colours of nature: foggy blue, white, powdery pink and greys. Romantic lace, enchanting embroidery and vintage-style finishes impress with their beauty and make the Tocoto Vintage brand recognisable all over the world. Each collection tells a different story, but always in the same vintage style. The 2018 spring/summer collection is called First love never die. The desire to hear your summer love story, a friendship story, a story about intense emotions and beautiful moments, is a starting point for a dreamy, romantic fairy tale. Delicate pastel colours: blues, pinks, white and sunny yellow, subtle floral prints, tulle frills and embroidered lace evoke carefree children's play. Charming swimsuits, one- and two-piece, very soft ponchos, comfortable cotton bloomers, delightful bloomers with frills and an unusual body with tulle frills tied at the neck are perfect for the beach. A little lady will certainly admire the beautiful dresses. There is a lot of choice: white dress with floral-print collar, elegant linen-cotton spaghetti straps dress, a blue one made of soft denim with white embroidery, and a romantic one, long with shoulder ties. Shorts and a skirt in floral patters, with braces, a top with vertical frills, a yellow body with short sleeves -- these are all beautiful and comfortable designs, a must for a child's wardrobe this season. Tocoto Vintage also offers unique accessories. All the beloved treasures will fit in a small over-the-shoulder handbags made of soft leather, tied with string with decorative beads in blue, brown and pink. A rectangular little handbag with suede finish and grey tassels will suit a more sophisticated outfit, while the straw basket with leather handles will accommodate the beach toys. The outfit will be complete with an understated blue or floral headband, while a straw hat or a vintage-look blue cotton cap will protect from the sun. All the clothes and accessories from the collection combine together very well, so it's possible to create your own unique outfit, perfect for a fairy-tale adventure. This summer, let romantic nostalgia tempt you -- tell us a story of your first love...


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