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We invite you to participate in our loyalty program for registered customers. Loyalty Program is a unique loyalty system, rewarding registered customers of Misslemonade.pl store. It is an automatic calculation of the discount for the next customer purchases, the amount of which is calculated on the basis of its previous orders. The system is automatically activated while the customer’s register in the store and is actively assigned to him for an indefinite period, unless the customer decides to remove an account from the shop customer’s base. 

How does it work?

The system counts the sum of the already completed orders. If this value exceeds one of the thresholds entitling to receive the discount (50 zl gross), the system will automatically reduce by a given percentage of the total value of the next folding order. Discounts shall be granted for each next order of the registered customer, regardless of its value (but not less than 50 zl gross). The first threshold entitling the holder to receive a permanent amount of discount is 50 zł gross. After exceeding the required amount to the Customer's account is assigned a 2% discount for each additional order. For each given 50 zł (and multiples of that amount) will receive a refund of 2% on your account in the form of a voucher to use on future purchases. The minimum amount for which the voucher can be used is 50 zł gross.

When are loyalty points are calculated?
Points for purchases are being charged when it order will receive status: DELIVERED.
How to use loyalty points?
To check the status and the number of points you need to log into your account shop. Current state of points and transaction history is available in the "My Account" - "My loyalty points".

If you have the accepted Points and want to convert them into a discount voucher, log in and go to the "My loyalty points".
- Under the table of history points you will find: "Make my points on the voucher..." by clicking on this sentence, store will ask you: "Are you sure you want to change your points for vouchers?" - Confirm.
- Automatically generate a voucher with a unique code, to which you have access only after logging in the store.
- When placing an order, you can use the generated voucher, which will lesser your future order of the amount.
How long are my loyalty points important?

Loyalty points are valid for 6 months.

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