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Milk & Biscuits is an award winning premium children’s fashion brand with a basic ethos to create apparel for kids that is cut for comfort whilst creating a modern and distinctive style. Designs are all based on the classics, with a contemporary twist. Each season brands collaborating with an artist or illustrator to create unique prints. 

This Spring/Summer 2018 Milk&Biscuits worked with the innovative and contemporary illustrator Myeongju Kwak from South Korea. All of production is done with pride and care in China at a local family run Shanghai small order factory. The accessories production can vary, for example brand have produced scarfs hand knitted by Grannies in Shanghai and Lopi inspired shawls hand knitted in Iceland. Milk&Biscuits aim for a low carbon footprint and where ever possible in the production process use organic materials – such as bamboo range.


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