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Dutch brand was born in Rotterdam, but Amsterdam is now the headquarter. Colours and the spirit of this city can be found in the collections and brand’s lookbooks, showing pictorial views, painted by the dutch masters alike. The brand designs kids’ clothes for the 0-8 year old and authenticity is the most important here. Photos showing the Maed collections are not always perfect. Sometimes they are made with the analogue camera, sometimes they are a bit blurry, showing the real expression of the little models and playing a scene as from the real day in Amsterdam of the little inhabitants.

As the designers of the Maed for Mini brand say, they use the mature palette of colours and soft fabrics with the highest quality, as they believe it will get the attention of the parents, which are aware of the natural choices, just like them. Being conscious creators, they choose the sustainable production, carrying for the environment. Every collection is a well considered and inspired by the exceptional kids, who are creating their own history every single day. Collections designed by the Maed for mini brand are known for its preppy classic style. Beige, browns, caramels, brick shades and dusty pink colours are what makes the colourful mix you cannot stop starring at. Smooth proposals match perfectly with the decorative prints, feisty panther, tiger stripes or everlasting check pattern being an example. Simple cuts look stunning with the subtle frills, cute puffs sleeves or wooden buttons.

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