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Louise Misha presents her latest collection. For this new collection, Louise Misha invites you to take a timeless road trip to the French Riviera. From the Alpes-Maritimes to Camargue regions in passing by the Baie des Anges, the old port of Marseille or even Arles, experience a Dolce Vita lifestyle by travelling the coastal roads of Provence. Between mythical towns, historic city centers, azure-toned back countries or wild landscapes, your trip will be tinged with appealing aromas and unexpected discoveries. The new collection’s retro overtones are highlighted by authentic moments such as lounging underneath wisteria vines while listening to the chant of cicadas. This splendid, endless summer and its soft bohemian lifestyle bring a whiff of freedom to the women’s, and children’s wardrobes.

Inspired by life passion, nature colors and smells at Delhi projects trying to make an exclusive, original clothes, jewellery and accessories for kids. They called it Louise Misha, named after Marie’s grandmother ‘Louise’ and Aurelie’s mother nicknamed ‘Misha.’ The universe they created is all about nostalgia and softness, and if you have a little girl you’ll want to be a part of this dreamy world!

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