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The New Society brand presents its latest collection Spring-Summer 2022 "All the things I love", which includes the latest styles, colors and models of clothing. The New Society is translated "new society" and this is what the Spanish designer and photographer Estefanía Grandío Gayoso wants to dress. It means a community with heightened awareness, willing to act together, and one whose members look after each other. This is the ideal that the founder of this committed brand dreams of. Through her timeless, ethically produced and carefully crafted clothes, she wants to express her faith and hope in new generations.

In The New Society world only the most important and going straight to the roots things matter. Collections are inspired by the traditional design - some of the clothes kids form the 50’s could wear easily. Something, that is so beautiful and extremely well made, never goes out of fashion. The designer puts attention to the quality and type of the fabrics. She chooses the ones, which are natural and skin friendly, looking nobel even after long time wearing it. Exceptional collections made by The New Society brand are not only highlighting the founder’s values. They are designed in order to teach the new generation of the aware fashion lovers. The brand creates trends and encourages to choose long lasting garment rather than seasonal hit. It is a confirmation of the mature aesthetics and ethical behaviour caring about ecology, which in the fast fashion world is not easy at all. The New Society collections are represented by the well thought cuts and consistent colour palette - all of that makes it easy to mix the clothes from the present and the past seasons.

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