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Liewood is a brand that offers high-quality products for babies and children. The company was founded in Denmark and has focused on the quality and aesthetics of its products from the very beginning.

Liewood - safe toys, accessories and clothing for children

Liewood offers a wide range of products such as bedding, blankets, toys, children's clothing, accessories and much more. If you are looking for products for your baby that are safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing, then the Liewood brand will be the perfect choice.

Liewood products available on the spot at Miss Lemonade

Here you will find many products that will meet your requirements and expectations. Liewood products are not only practical, but also beautiful and stylish, which will make your child look special and feel comfortable at the same time.

Liewood - materials with a natural background

Liewood products are made from natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo and wood, making them safe for children and environmentally friendly. All products are carefully designed and made with attention to detail.

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