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Floor mats are a great addition to the home where the baby is located. It will perfectly fulfill its function as a soft shock absorber for falls that occur in the first years of a child's life. They will ensure safe play and learning to roll over from the back to the tummy and crawl. The mats are lightweight, multi-functional and easy to carry. Our offer includes mattresses, rugs and blankets in various sizes and shapes to be able to adjust them to the size of the room. All mats are made of 100% cotton. The naturalness of the material affects the quality and safety. The fabric is durable, dirt can be removed very easily and stains disappear quickly. Charlie and Futons mattresses from the Numero 74 brand are products hand-made by craftsmen from Thailand. Please note that the mats are hand dyed, therefore individual pieces may be slightly different from each other. Thanks to a wide range of colors, you will surely find a product perfect for your home.

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