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Get to know Finger in the Nose brand! It is a real treat for young fashionistas (and parents who like having best designs for their kids). Exceptional proposals coming from the capital of fashion - magical Paris. Brand aesthetics are definitely inspired by the french style, but it is not the only thing the founders of the brand take their ideas from. Products designed by Finger in the Nose brand are classics….anew made. Fashion twist is visible in every detail of the Parisian brand’ collection.

Designers from Finger in the Nose brand value craft and the highest quality. It makes their clothes last long. Creative Parisians define classics in their own way. They go for simple cuts, but add cheeky prints to it. They choose customised colour mixes. Funny embroidery, frill or puff in places you would not think of, make the garments incredible. If everything would be so obvious, life would be just boring! There is some courage and imagination needed in order to make it more interesting and fun. Nonchalance is what matters in the Finger in the Nose style. Kids have it in huge amounts! Many adults will put a lot of effort to get the natural look, while kids have it without even moving their finger. Products coming from the french brand emphasise the kids’ freedom and natural way of being. Clothes have to be comfortable, not to hold down any kids’ movement. Designers focus on comfortable cuts, functional solutions and soft in touch fabrics. The result is collection made for the modern, young fashionista lovers and clothes, which can be perfect for every occasion.

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