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Softness, high quality and comfort with an elegance touch - this is a style description of the Phil&Phae brand, when talking about their children’ fashion collections. The designers believe, that the natural style is born when comfort and sophistication meet. They claim that kids do not need shouty prints, intensive colours, in order to stand out from the crowd. Childlike freedom is only to be highlighted by a little touch of fashion. Phil&Phae proposals are mostly plain and in the colours inspired by nature. That is the only thing needed to get the children’ beauty out.

Quality is what’s the most important for the Phil&Phae brand. It is essential if we want to get comfort and durability. Clothes coming from the brand are made out of organic fabrics, which cuddle the skin of children with its’ softness. All of the products are made out of organic cotton, in Europe. Brand’s suppliers are carefully selected family businesses, which go along well with the brand’s values. Sustainable children’s fashion proposed by this dutch brand built their roots not only by the production processes. The designers value the reasonable and everlasting designing. They propose cuts, which are never out of fashion and thanks to the high quality, it can last many seasons. It makes it easy to give the clothes as an inheritance to the siblings or friend’s kids. Carefully chosen colour palette allows to mix the elements from many collections. Clothes created by Phil&Phae are made with love and attentiveness to every details, perfect to create outfits for your little one.

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