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The new Wynken collection,inspired by the uplifting lyrics of the song "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers, the illustrated children's magazine "The Great outdoors" from 1978 and a huge desire to be outdoors, enjoying the sun and fresh air, the Good day collection is about our best day in life. Hand-drawn floral illustrations, hand-painted waves and sun, and jumping rabbits, which we've worked with artist Alec Doherty on, help us imagine sitting on our picnic blankets and sun loungers on warm afternoons listening to the birds singing. If being in and out of our constant blockages has taught us anything, it is the value of the freedom to travel to our wonderful outer spaces.

Proposal coming form the Wynken brand are modern clothes for kids, which are full of ideas and are not afraid of novelties. Good design is what matters to the brand, speaking both to the little fashion lovers and their parents. Quality also plays the main role here - at the end it is something that makes the clothes look fresh and astonishing even after couple of seasons. Wynken is one of the favourite brands in the world, their collections are sold in more than 20 countries. Elbe is inspired by the traditional design, proposing cute cardigans or girly dresses. Even then the classic mixes with a bit of fashion twist. Interesting patterns and authorial prints makes everyone looking at it smile immediately. When designing the collection, Elbe takes her inspiration from different places and things. One of them is music - the spring-summer 2017 collection was inspired by the song Feist “1234”. All of the designs were based on the four shapes, with the exact number prints on them. The newest autumn/winter 2019/20 collection is inspired by the Herbie Hancock’s and the Japanese singer Kimiko Kasai album called “Butterfly”. The happy butterfly motive is placed in many designs.

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