Moses baskets

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Moses baskets are dedicated to infants up to the sixth month of life. They will be an excellent alternative to ordinary beds and baby carriers. They have handles, thanks to which you can take your child on a safe journey. The Moses basket, due to its small dimensions and shape, will make the baby feel hugged and will be able to rest after a hard day of discovering the world. Numero 74 baskets are made of handwoven palm leaves by craftsmen in Morocco. Additionally, the set includes a foam mattress with a cotton cover and a cotton bedding set consisting of a bumper with bindings, sheets and a quilted blanket, with hand-embroidered patterns. The bedding is made of delicate, anti-allergic fabrics with airy structure. Any slight differences in shape, color and dimensions are due to the manual production process. Sleep is one of the most important needs of babies, so it is important to choose an ecological, airy and comfortable product for the baby.

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