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Adults attach great importance to accessories and detailing. This is similar in children, especially those who are just a few years old. Already from an early age, our bundles of joy have wanted unique things that no one else has. Children like to boast about different things amongst their peers. Accessories provide a unique character to a child’s styling, their choices, however, is not that easy. The children’s accessories provided by our store will make your choice easier. We present items that are both unique and of a high quality. Once the colder days arrive, your child will definitely need a hat and a scarf. First of all, these two pieces of clothing are designed to provide your child with warmth but are also a modern addition to their everyday styling. The children’s hats and scarfs which we offer are produced from the finest quality cotton and wool. Choose a pom-pom hat for the younger children, a printed hat for little rascals, while for the girls you can choose something classic yet charming. Headbands and hairl clips are accessories mainly for girls and babies. Is it the child's birthday? Is it a special occasion? For occasions such as these, we have prepared a range of crowns in various colors, from the wonderful Oeuf brand, with an inscription saying “Happy Birthday”. This brand specializes in eco-friendly items. Which will make your child feel special. A headband is simply a must-have item for girls. With flowers, stars and bows? In our offer, you shall find a variety of unique models. Tights and socks are the accessories which are most frequently asked for by our customers. For girls who love skirts and dresses, we have a range of stockings and knee-high socks. It is worth paying attention to the exquisite detail and finest quality of accessories from the Collégien brand. Stockings and knee-high socks from Collégien are an addition that every girl should have. They are unique and very comfortable to wear. For boys, we offer various lengths of socks with interesting inscriptions and prints. A girl’s bags is a wonderful addition, guaranteed to refresh any style. Choose from a variety of fashionable styles. In our offer, we also have backpacks available for children. These will definitely be noticed on their way to school, or on a trip. If you are looking for interesting accessories for your child, then you absolutely have to check out our offer from Numero 74. There you will find hundreds of top quality products.

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