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Looking for beautiful decorations Scandinavian style? Check proposals coming from Madam Stoltz. Sublime style, minimalist design and embodying the latest interior design trends is what makes products designed by this brand so exceptional. Their quality of craft and attention to details is what will amaze you and make your space look stylish and trendy. Original interior design proposals will definitely create cosy atmosphere at your house. Products from Madame Stoltz have been crafted continuously since 1995. Founder Pernille Stoltz and her exotic trips to faraway countries are the source of in-spiration when coming up with new, exciting ideas. As a result, there is a French chic, Scandinavian simplicity and Asian harmony present in products designed by Madame Stoltz brand, all available at Miss Lemonade’s store.

Are you planning on decorating your kid’s stylish room? Madam Stoltz’ proposals are the answer to your needs. Wide variety of accessories makes it easy to find products fitting your unique style. If you want to make the space look brighter and more spa-cious, go with the glamorous mirror designed by Madame Stoltz brand. If eclectic style is what you prefer, check soft blankets, cushions and mattresses. When choosing prod-ucts to go along with your kid’s style and comfort, do not forget about this season’s real jewel - wicker shelf, which will take all of the children’s treasures in. Choosing products from Madame Stoltz brand will definitely add a lot of unique charm and style to your home. Check it out!

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