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This is an attribute of every fashionable toddler! And also an element of clothing that older boys do not part with either. That is why it is worth shaping a good style of your child from an early age. It is with this in mind that the Miss Lemonade store was created, where we sell only products of the best niche children's brands. You will also find unique boys' sweatshirts for babies.

What style?

With geometric stripes, cute animals, or maybe with an interesting inscription? The choice is huge and it's really hard to decide on this one favorite sweatshirt. We like them all so much that we would rather wear them ourselves! Designers of our brands focus on original design that will survive many childhood. Their inspiration comes from various sources - some sweatshirts have cosmic prints with planets, others have cute apple prints, and others look like from an American college. They have one thing in common - a top-shelf style that is difficult to pass by indifferently.

Fashionably and comfortably

Find out about the children's brands we've fallen in love with. The Animals Observatory , Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini and Rylee and Cru are unique brands. Their products are characterized not only by the original appearance, but above all the highest quality. Because it is what gives your child the comfort it deserves. The soft, fleshy materials of the sweatshirts pleasantly wrap the baby's delicate skin. Natural fibers do not allow it to overheat during intense movements. In turn, simple styles offer the freedom that every toddler needs.

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