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MIMI & LULA is a stylish and fun brand of accessories for children that brings back shine and glow during fun and day ... The brand was founded in 2017 by Natasha Hodson and Nicola Byrne, who spent over a decade working with famous high street brands creating a range of accessories for adult girls. But when their own little girls came out, they quickly realized that the accessories available weren't varied enough to please their daughter's strong minds or to give parents enough fun options for dressing up their precious babies. After all, you can never get enough of colorful clips, handbags with quirky shapes or fun dress-up games that kids love!

That's why Tash and Nic decided to use their experience and passion to create their own rich and inspiring collection. Say hello to MIMI & LULA - accessories designed to allow children to express their personality in a clever and stylish way. Whether it's dressing up, parties, fun or just a school day, at MIMI & LULA our goal is to always charm, dazzle and delight. And with one eye on quality and the other (the blinking eye) on having fun, you can always count on us to bring out a cheeky smile in every girl and her mom.

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