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1+ IN THE FAMILY and their current collection means that we have a choice of velvet-quality baby clothing. The brand is committed to continuous improvement which has led to the gradual replacement of conventional materials and the introduction of new, sustainable ones to reduce the impact of the products on the planet and human health.

1+IN THE FAMILY - interesting design and precision.

The brand offers clothing for babies from 1 to 48 months. In the creation of the collection, the most important thing for Gemma are the materials. Her great passion is the constant search for new textures and the softest possible fabrics. After all, they are the closest thing to a baby's delicate skin.

1+IN THE FAMILY - top quality baby clothes

1+ IN THE FAMILY pays great attention to the types of materials used in the collections. This gives birth to beautiful and timeless lines of clothing that can be combined in a variety of ways. Naturalness and simplicity of design play no less important a role in Gemma's collections than nobility of materials.

A wide selection of baby clothes at Miss Lemonade

1+ IN THE FAMILY clothing is simple, functional and comfortable. Soft sweatshirts, knitted leggings or fleece overalls wrap the infant like a mother's warm arms. The brand relies on neutral, warm and muted colors, which create a beautiful palette for each collection and blend together perfectly. Powder pinks, grays, beiges and mustards make it possible to compose a perfectly tailored closet for a toddler - with a hint of retro style.

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