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Apolina offers incredibly artistic embroidered dresses. With the aim of creating a line of inspirational children's clothing that reflects personal style, for like-minded mums and their carefree children. Apolina is all about Bohemian-inspired children's clothing and amazing quality materials.

Apolina - Timeless style and elegance.

Apolina is not only a clothing brand, it is also a way to support children in expressing themselves and discovering their own identity. Through their clothes, children have the opportunity to build their individual style and express their creativity. It's more than just clothing - it's a tool that allows little people to develop their uniqueness.

Apolina - a brand that puts quality first.

The quality of the garments is Apolina's priority. The garments are carefully crafted using the highest quality materials, guaranteeing comfortable wear and durability for long periods of play and exploration. Embroidered dresses are the standout piece of the collection, catching the eye with their artistic finesse and attention to detail. 

Everything at Apolina revolves around inspiration and expressing personal style. Caroline aims to create a children's clothing line that not only dresses little ones in beautiful clothes, but also helps them discover their own unique style. In contrast to fast-changing fashion trends, the Apolina brand focuses on creating timeless cuts that will accompany children for many years to come.

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