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Jeune Premier brand is famous for extraordinary schoolbags. Do you remember the time when rectangular schoolbags with the press-button closure were seen as a big looser and all kids wanted was to get an “adult backpack”? Jeune Premier brings back the spark of old school backpacks and makes it cool again! apart from the rectangular shaped schoolbags, you can find well-rounded models and light bags with rope backstraps. The schoolbag, after all, is what it has started with.

Brune and Hélène couldn’t find the perfect schoolbag for their son, which was about to begin school. Hélène, the pharmacist with an artistic skills, decided to design it herself. At the kitchen in Ostend, the new project was born. Project, which changed the whole family life. When little Ralph showed up at school with the hand made schoolbag with his name and fairytale details embroidered on it, everybody was amazed. The same day 4 mums wanted to know, where they can buy such a backpack. Bruno encouraged Hélène to create mini collection and the same year the sold 80 schoolbags. That is how the Jeune Premier was born. Today 120 000 of schoolbags is sold annually in more than 30 countries. They are famous for the extraordinary design, which amaze both children and their parents. They are colourful, interesting and practical. Shape is similar to the ones from some decades ago. Jeune Premier takes its inspiration from there but innovation is important as well, putting waterproof material is only one example of it. That solution helps to protect the product from smudges and moisture. Solid backpacks from Jeune Premier is both happiness and investment for many school adventures.

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