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Every parent knows that the kitchen is not only a place to create delicious dishes, but also a place where you should feed your baby every day to keep him strong and healthy - with us each of you will find food accessories in a unique style! Plates for babies are a practical accessory, and in our case they are also charming - KONGES SLOJD presents beautiful silicone dinner sets in 4 colors - pink, brown, light blue and blue - to choose from. OYOY is another brand that has created beautiful dinner sets made of the highest quality bamboo and washers for a plate for your kids. All products have cute graphics depicting animals such as a lion, rabbit or elephant and are decorated in subdued colors. Bowls, plates and cups for the little ones are the most important accessories for feeding toddlers - BLOOMINGVILLE also know it and they present you very cute sets with unique graphics. Our kits for toddlers will make it easier for you - parents to plan meals, and thanks to beautiful graphics, they will interest the baby, which will make feeding more pleasant and easier, because we will attract attention with colorful tableware. We also do not forget about adults - especially women who love practical and stylish accessories in every room - for you we offer wonderful metal trays in shades of gold from MADAM STOLZ, which will make the food or fruit stored on them look like invitingly, and by the way, any decor will fit perfectly due to the original design.

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