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Engel, german family brand, has been 85 years on the market. Natural way of being is their priority. Collections made by the brand out of unprocessed fabrics are very successful. Engel has been using natural cotton since 1982, when the consumer awareness was not so high, as it is today. It brought huge popularity and success then and now the brand expands their collection using new, various natural fibres. Engel offers clothes, underwear and accessories for both children and adults. At Miss Lemonade you can find selected products for the little ones.

What Engel Natur brand stands for is quality. And quality is guaranteed by the unprocessed fabrics. Brand uses cotton, the highest class merino wool and mix of merino wool with silk. Beautiful, never going out of fashion and safe for your baby skin products are being born that way: soft T-shirts, long sleeve blouses, leggings, cardigans, jumpsuits, hats and shoes. In our online store you can also find natural blankets from Engel brand, warming your baby and being a nice decoration in the baby room.

Engel uses harmless ways to dye their garments. The paint they use lack heavy metals and azo dyes, commonly used in the textile industry. You can be sure that your baby’ skin will not get close to harmful, chemical substances. Engel brand has nothing in common with those. Fabrics used by the brand are also free of nickel. Even buttons put in the cardigans and jumpsuits, are made of natural, unprocessed materials. Beautiful, well designed products, are being born in the factory in Germany, taking care of the environment and their employees. What more can we ask for?

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