Scandinavian minimalism will be the big hit of the upcoming season. The designers from the Danish brand Bloomingville are ready to help. In their latest collection they have many products guaranteed to enchant us.

Charming umbrellas will protect our children from the autumn rains. The choice of designs includes a teddy bear, fun eyelashes or a bunny rabbit. Let your child choose their favourite design. The umbrellas are transparent, so you will be able to watch the falling raindrops and not get wet. The right handle makes it easy to hold the umbrella in a small hand.

We, the adults, spend more and more time outside our homes. Work, errands, additional responsibilities. We have less and less time for the family. The Bloomingville brand knows how important meals eaten together are, which is why the fall / winter 2018 collection is full of products that will make these times pleasant.

Let's start with younger children, who can create a real mess at dinner time. A placemat with a snail will come very useful here. At every meal you will save a few minutes you previously had to spend cleaning the table. The mat is made of silicone, so washing it will be a doddle. Each collection of tableware from this brand is unique, and made of various materials, from bamboo to stoneware. Pastel colours and friendly animal patterns reign supreme.

Ceramic bowls have four legs, and come in three unique colours and patterns. Each of them shows a different animal. These are excellent for serving your child soups, porridge and breakfast cereal. The Java Bowl bamboo bowls have a diameter of 12.5 cm. They are available in two colours - soft brown and charming blue. These bowls are perfect for light snacks. For the youngest ones, a perfect bowl with a teddy bear has been designed, the face of the bear is inside the bowl. To see the bear, the child has to eat everything in the bowl.

Miss Lemonade offer was expanded by more fantastic plates. Both the bamboo ones and the ceramic one with an eyelash motif. The plate is in delicate pink, with a diameter of 20 cm. It will be an ideal part of every young lady's tableware set. It was just for such a lady that an elegant teapot was also created. Also decorated with the eyelash motif, but unlike the plate, it is white with a pink lid. It will be perfect for an afternoon tea with friends.

Appropriate cups, mugs and glasses will be also necessary for such a gathering. You will find a wide selection on our website. The Miss Lemonade now offers Bloomingville cups made of bamboo. We also have again in stock glasses with charming bunny rabbits, available in two sizes for younger and older children - with a diameter of 7 and 11.5 cm. Thanks to such fun glasses it will be easier to convince your child to drink water.

If you still need to decorate the windows in the child's room, Bloomingville will help. In their fall / winter collection of 2018, Bloomingville have a lovely small gray plant pot with a teddy bear face. Perfect for small houseplants. Taking care of a plant in such a charming pot will be a pleasure, and can be your child's first household responsibility.

Bloomingville is a brand that meets the expectations of small and big people alike. Do not wait, make your world beautiful today.


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