What payment methods does Miss Lemonade accept?
Accepted payment methods:

• Credit / Debit Card (Visa, Master Card, Amex, Diners Club, Maestro, JCB)
• Paypal
• Bank wire
• Przelewy24
• Cash on Delivey ( domestic only )
Miss Lemonade currently accepts payment in:

  • British Pound (GBP) 
  • U.S. Dollar (USD) 
  • Euro (EU) 
  • Polish Zloty (PLN)
  • Australian Dolar (AUD)
  • Japanese Yen JPY
  • South Korean Won (KRW)
  • Swedish Crona (SEK)
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Is it safe to use my credit card online at Miss Lemonade?
Shop in all confidence at Misslemonade.pl thanks to a maximal guarantee of online safety. Miss Lemonade is fully engaged in offering clients a safe shopping experience. Your credit card data is transmitted to our server in an encrypted SSL code (Secure Socket Layer) via Braintree. Miss Lemonade cannot see credit card information, and Braintree does not store these numbers on its server. No single person has access to this information, whether digitally, printed or otherwise.
The CVV (sometimes called the CVD or CVV2) is a feature to give you increased protection against credit card fraud online.

American Express The CVV or Security Code is the last 4 numbers printed on the front of the card above the card account number.
Visa/Master Card The CVV is the last 3 numbers printed on the signature strip on the back of the credit card.
I paid with a credit card, and my card was declined. What happened?
If your Credit Card has been declined, it could be for a number of reasons:

• You mistyped your number.
• You have mistyped the expiration date or the security code (CVV).
• The name and address does not match the address your bank has on file for you.
• Your bank has refused the payment for security reasons.
• There are not enough funds in your account to cover the payment.
Bank Wire Transfer
To pay using a bank wire transfer, provide the following information to your bank to transfer the funds:

Account holder: Miss Lemonade

Adress: Arbuzowa 31/2 street Warsaw


account PLN | PL 49 2490 0005 0000 4600 6325 7415

account EUR | PL 02 2490 0005 0000 4600 6433 0111

account GBP | PL 60 2490 0005 0000 4600 1786 9268

account USD | PL 70 2490 0005 0000 4600 6611 2135

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