Bohemia Design has been established in 2006 by Jenny Lockton and constitutes the result of many years of experience in terms of working with artists and craftsmen from all over the world. Bohemia Design was created to build relations with craftsmen and, in the course of that cooperation, support employment as well as the survival of remarkable traditional crafts. The Bohemia Design warehouse and design studio, located in the beautiful and historical city of Edinburgh in Scotland, stand near the port of Leith, and artistic district know for its thriving community of craftsmen, designers, writers, and musicians.

Bohemia Design bases its activity on interpersonal relations and friendships which have been established with great manufacturers, as well as the loyalty and support so freely provided by the company's remarkable clients. It all started many years ago during a trip to Marrakesh when Jenny Lockton met an outstanding craftsman who began to manufacture beautiful and soft leather babouche slippers for Bohemia Design. Work with Hamid is continued for 20 years now and his slippers remain one of Bohemia Design's most popular products. Hamid and his family are now members of the vast Bohemia Design family, and the tribe is constantly growing! Currently Bohemia Design works with blanket and fabric makers, basket and hat weavers, craftsmen creating from wood in Morocco, jewelry companies from India, as well as jewelry companies from Istanbul, Turkey. Apart from designing and manufacturing an own line of printed fabrics, Bohemia Design supplies itself with textiles for carpets, Handira sequin blankets, as well as remarkable Barbary pots and plates from Sahara and Morocco.

One of the favorite and best selling Bohemia Design products is a humble basket. The basket is as old as humanity itself. Weaving natural plant fibers in order to create vessels for storing and transporting food, clothes, seeds, and various items makes baskets both environmentally friendly as well as highly practical. There is a great variety of weaving materials and techniques, and each of them characterizes the country and region of their application. Bohemia Design baskets are made by craftsmen all over Morocco and weaved with the use of locally available and harvested in a sustainable manner grass, reeds, and palm leafs. The fibers are weaver into long strands which are then used to make baskets, mats, lampshades, and decorative items. The selection of baskets manufactured by Bohemia Design is vast, starting with traditional palm baskets finished with simple sisal handles, up to funny boho style baskets decorated with colorful wool fringes and pompoms. Manufacturing baskets is an important source of income for people from villages in Morocco because it ensures additional profit for the household, and often constitutes the only source of income thanks to the fact that clients fell in love with the handmade Moroccan baskets.

Being a part of the new collection of flat Bohemia Design baskets, the Athens Shopper basket is handmade by Moroccan craftsmen with the use of natural palm leafs, and includes rolled palm leaf handles. The high rectangular form gives it a modern character, perfect for carrying every-day items. The Delphi Tote basket is hand weaved by Moroccan craftsmen with the use of palm fiber. The high rectangular form and long sisal handles make it a contemporary and practical bag in the form of a basket, for carrying all necessary every-day items.

The Reed Shopper bag constitutes a part of the new Bohemia Design collection. It is a traditional Moroccan basket in the form of a shopping basket. This practical and spacious basket, hand weaved by craftsmen using local reeds and finished with solid sisal handles is perfect to be used in the city, on the beach, or as a decorative storage area at home.

The Reed Box basket is hand weaved in Morocco by skilled craftsmen with the use of local reeds, and is finished with solid sisal handles. Its compact, box-like form is perfect for storing all necessary items. The Bohemia Design Sienna Basket is a contemporary round shopping basket made from weaved palm leafs, with long leather arm straps. Perfect for carrying all daily items and shopping. These contemporary craftsmanship products constitute a great fashion addition and a perfect gift idea. The Florence Shopper basket constitutes a contemporary round basket bag made from weaved palm leafs with a rolled palm leaf handle. This traditional craftsmanship product is a Bohemia Design bestseller and a perfect fashion addition, ideal for a vacation on the beach or in the city.

The Round Seville basket is one of Bohemia Design's best selling items. The uniquely shaped basket is skillfully weaved from natural leafs of the Doum plant, growing wild in Morocco. Available in oval or round shapes it makes the solid basket perfect for shopping, as well as an attractive and ecological alternative for plastic bags. These traditional craftsmanship products constitute a great contemporary house decoration, but also a perfect gift idea.

The Country Color Weave basket constitutes a contemporary and colorful basket with hand painted palm leafs in pink, violet, and blue. A great alternative for plastic bags, this weaved basket constitutes an ideal shopping basket or an area for storing items at home. Due to the hand coloring the baskets have a unique character and design.

New Bohemia Design Lisbon baskets stand for simple rustic weaved baskets with massive spiral handles. A hand weaved basket made from palm leafs, used for shopping, as a beach bag, or a basket for storing items at home.

For summer days Bohemia Design offers Fringed Hats handmade in Morocco with the use of long palm leaf strands creating a decorative surface with fringes in a natural color. Perfect for the beach or during a relaxing time in the garden on sunny summer days.

Bohemia Design stands for great quality baskets and hats, hand weaved by skilled Moroccan weavers using traditional techniques. Uniquely durable, fashionable, and enchanting, they will add character to every day stylings and decorate every interior. Just try them...


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