House Doctor is a family-run project with its heart in Denmark. The company is run by three siblings - Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel and Klaus Juhl Pedersen. They all share the creativity gene and believe that beautiful interiors let you find harmony in your life. The siblings, who had been designing for years, decided to create their own brand in 2001.

Currently House Doctor consists of dozens of designers monitoring current trends and designing luxury interior accessories. The House Doctor's mission is to help you find the right medicine for your home. Regardless of the condition of the patient, House Doctor has the right means to create a unique and personal style for your home. If you fancy something personal, informal and provocative, you will be welcomed at the House Doctor clinic. But before you enter, you need to know that House Doctor designs are highly addictive and can lead to rapid heartbeat - even when applied in small doses!

When colour reappears outside and the dark traces of winter fade away, we feel the need for renewal. Is there a better way to celebrate spring than through furniture and decorations that make your home cosy and prepare the garden for the great joys of summer? House Doctor would like to inspire you to break your daily routine, to take care of yourself and your surroundings, to introduce a natural harmony of a new beginning this spring. This season, the materials, colours and textures will make you feel relaxed while the accessories and furniture will enliven and give character to your interior. The more our life rushes on, the more we want our home to be an oasis of peace. House Doctor knows that the best remedy is to surround yourself with objects made of natural materials such as wood, ceramics, glass or natural fabrics. Colours such as reddish brown, rust and cool shades of gray, blue and green will balance the bright summer sunlight. The unforced colour scheme allows you to experiment and look for perfect solutions for your interior.

The interior design is primarily made up of details. House Doctor believes that it's time to mix elements instead of trying to match them. Rustic flower pots in natural colours, hand-made from iron, will give the interior a peaceful, natural feel. Ceramic flower pots in many interesting shapes and colours used for growing fragrant herbs or blooming flowers will create a cosy atmosphere. Creating an oasis of peace in your home requires a few improvements. Because less is more, different types of baskets will work perfectly. A straw-coloured rattan-bamboo basket, large, oval baskets woven from kelp in a natural colour or durable iron baskets in black and copper will accommodate the necessary small items and at the same time restore the order of your space.

Everyone sometimes leaves their oasis of peace and then the traveller's equipment is needed - House Doctor nomadic gear, which in free translation simply means a bag for your treasures. House Doctor recommends beautiful and practical handbags made of thick cotton canvas with leather handles, stripy backpacks with an original clip fastening or large over-the-shoulder sacks that will hold a surprising amount of stuff. And maybe today you don't need to carry much and only need a small, handy bag made from an interesting knit with little balls pattern, or a wash bag made of an unusual blue braiding?

Entrust yourself to the hands of the best specialist in mood improvement, who will take care of you, listen to you and help you create your perfect place on earth. House Doctor will welcome you to the clinic...


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