Madam Stoltz is a brand that was founded on the picturesque Danish island of Bornholm. The natural charm of the island exerts a deep influence on the creators of the brand and remains a source of their constant inspiration. Rocky coasts covered with heather, vast sandy beaches, countless clean rivers and strong winds causing a gale nearly all year round have become an inspiration for the creation of many beautiful objects. 

According to Madam Stoltz philosophy, your home is your stage, a space where you can do what you want. All beautiful Madam Stoltz items are designed to encourage you to be the director of the performance on your stage, making you truly shine. 

Madam Stoltz is passionate about people. The brand appreciates diverse talents and draws inspiration from many creators. This is why all items at Madam Stoltz are made of natural materials, hand crafted by skilled artisans with exceptional knowledge of the materials they use for their creations. This is a guarantee of outstanding quality and uniqueness of every item. 

Madam Stoltz attaches great importance to details. Materials, colours, textures and designs are key. The collection includes beautiful, large cotton cushions in muted colours: mint, grey-blue or mustard, and in a distinctive navy blue or burgundy. Unusual shelves and hangers made of wire mesh, iron and copper, iron organizers, picture frames made of iron, glass and cotton, and mirrors in bamboo frames will emphasize the beauty of a minimalist interior. Beautiful baskets made of bulrush and cotton string, bamboo, or wire mesh and wood will bring order and harmony to your home. 

Madam Stoltz draws inspiration from various places, people and cultures from around the world. The passion for diversity drives the company to create unique things. Undoubtedly, the creators adore the culture of the Orient. Indian inspirations can be seen in baskets hand-woven from sea grass or bulrush in beige, orange or black with geometric patterns.   

All Madam Stoltz creations embody an attempt to capture the fleeting beauty of nature, to show that beauty is hidden in contrasts, and that it is diversity that creates harmony. 

Dare to be the director of your home stage – visit our store.  


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