Liewood - practical and beautiful children's accessories for a modern family!

We are pleased to present you the Danish brand Liewood, which makes everyday life easier! This is another offer of accessories from sustainable and responsible production. If you want to know more about Liewood's history and practices, read on!

Liewood - a brand created out of love for design

It cannot be a coincidence that most of the sustainable and luxurious brands of baby accessories are made by young parents who are passionate about design. Young entrepreneurs, who are also parents, notice that not only nice things count, but also the future of their beloved children, and that it can only be taken care of by reducing the negative impact on the environment. Unfortunately, the garment industry is ruthless to the Earth.

The founder of the Liewood brand: Anne Marie Lie Nielsen, is a true passionate about fashion and design. Privately, also a young mother who made the decision to create Liewood in 2015. The brand's success did not change Anne's responsible approach to fashion.

At Miss Lemonade you will find excellent accessories for learning to eat, including silicone cups, plates and whole dinner sets. The charming dishes are perfect for use at home and outside, due to the neat closures.

Liewood also cares about the child's comfort in the bathroom space. Beautiful and durable potties encourage children to learn independence - cleaning training has never been so easy! Bamboo and melamine stools also deserve a separate attention, they are a perfect help for a child in the bathroom. A stable, solidly made stool will be an excellent support while brushing your teeth and more!

Responsible production and ecological materials

Liewood uses three basic materials to produce its accessories: silicone, wood and bamboo. This makes it easier for the brand to meet high ecological standards. These are natural and environmentally friendly materials. And what is good for nature is also good for people.

Anne Marie admitted that she is aware of every step in the production of Liewood items. This allowed her to find solutions that would counteract the harmful effects of production on Earth's resources. Liewood also cares about employees. Some of the materials (mainly clothing) are produced in India. The employees, however, have completely European working conditions, and the textiles are GOTS certified. The certificate ensures that the brand meets the highest production standards.

Liewood produces non-toxic, timeless, practical and cute baby accessories. Most importantly, the brand's products are durable and resistant to children's clumsiness. Plates and cups can land endlessly on the ground - they'll be fine!

Live slower and happier - surround yourself with permanent things

Have you ever found out how much time you spend on shopping? It seems that it's nothing like that - go to the local store for a moment to get that one forgotten ingredient for dinner, and yesterday it was so long in the supermarket line! And after dinner you have to sit down for a while and choose clothes for fall - last year's are useless.

Contrary to appearances, such a necessity to make small or larger purchases accompanies us almost as often as work. We stopped paying attention to how exhausting it is. And how much it burdens our wallet. For all these disposable T-shirts and knick-knacks, you could buy a ticket to warm countries! And the time we've wasted on browsing the offers online or in stores, we could spend on something more interesting.

Liewood producers are aware of how debilitating the pace of life is today, which is why they promote the so-called slow life with their products. This is a new trend that encourages you to slow down your pace of life and focus on timeless values. Thanks to slow life, we can discover ourselves and spend more time on activities that serve us.

One of the areas of slow life is slow fashion, i.e. buying fewer items. For this to be possible, it is necessary to focus on great quality. This is where Liewood products come in. They are created in accordance with the idea of ​​slow fashion. The durability, quality and timeless design of Liewood products are a purchase for years - they will resist changing trends and the destructive effects of time.

Introducing slow life principles into a life filled with work and duties is not easy, but it's definitely worth a try. By eliminating frequent and pointless purchases and replacing them with sensible picking of high-quality products in the long run, you can save money and time. Yet time is priceless.

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