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At Miss Lemonade, we focus on quality and style, which is why our store's offer could not be complete without a collection of Madam Stoltz accessories. This post will be devoted to interior accessories not only for children's rooms. Minimalism and Scandinavian style seem to you little interesting? See suggestions from Madam Stoltz and you will change your mind! Turn your apartment into an interior from a warehouse with the help of some unique brand accessories!

The history of the Madam Stoltz brand shows the uniqueness and strength of women. The founder of Madam Stoltz is Danish - Pernille Stoltz, who decided 30 years ago that she would go on a trip to India. She packed her backpack and hit the road that changed her life. Not surprisingly, India lives differently than in Europe and the Scandinavian countries. The local culture, however, has its charm, and young Pernille was delighted with local handicrafts, and because she was an interior designer by education, she quickly turned inspiration into reality.

The inhabitants of the village in India where Pernille was staying liked her very much and called her Madam. Hence the name of the store, which was soon established in Copenhagen as a small company. Today it is an extremely popular brand that creates interior accessories based on the art of handicrafts from India, Vietnam and China. What makes the brand so high in the popularity rankings is also the high quality typical of handicrafts.

With the help of Madam Stoltz accessories, you can create a truly atmospheric interior. A bamboo swing on the balcony, wonderful flower pots with a face made of stoneware, and unique pillowcases - with Madam Stoltz accessories you can arrange a wonderful balcony in a boho style. Patterned Madam Stoltz cushions, which are absolutely impossible to imitate, will also be a great addition to your bedroom or living room. If you add bamboo lamps and a flower stand, also from Madam Stoltz, the interior will become exotic.

Although Madam Stoltz's interior accessories are made in a minimalist style, they allow you to arrange a luxurious interior that is also close to nature. It is said that we feel better in rooms with a lot of natural objects. Bamboo furniture, cotton pillows, pots and vases made of stoneware are therefore not only an aesthetic addition, but also items that have a positive effect on our well-being.

Currently, the Balinese style is also in the strict interior trends. Here, bamboo cabinets, hangers and mirrors from Madam Stoltz will work perfectly. Beautiful pillows, blankets, wooden plates, ornaments made of palm leaves and seagrass, also from the Madam Stoltz collection, will allow you to easily arrange a harmonious Balinese interior. Here, excellent quality goes hand in hand with reasonable prices. You will pay more for fashionable exotic accessories in popular chain stores, and the quality will leave a lot to be desired.

At Miss Lemonade, we are glad that there is still room on the market for companies with a soul and objects that were created with respect for man and nature. We enjoy the success of Madam Stoltz and appreciate the long journey she has taken from inspiration to global success. And how do you like the fashionable Madam Stoltz interior accessories?

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