Does your child like splashing in the bathtub? If so, he will definitely appreciate sparkling bath bombs! And if not, we know ways to encourage your toddler to take care of hygiene every day. Check out the unique Mini U bath accessories, perfect for evening care of baby's delicate skin!

Not all children want to stop playing to take a bath. Some are also afraid of water, which discourages them from washing their heads. Everyday urging for a bath certainly tests the patience of parents, but it is not worth getting angry with the little ones, for whom bathing means a difficult fight with fears. Instead, it's a good idea to show your baby that bathing can be fun and undoubtedly contributes to being just comfortable.

Bath toys were invented for a reason. The child will be happy to follow an example from his favorite fairy tale character, so it is worth inviting a resistant car, a super hero or a barbie doll to take a bath together. We advise against purchasing rubber ducks as they do not meet safety standards.

Colorful pajamas that encourage the child to wash themselves may also be helpful. It is enough to note that we only put on pajamas after bathing and brushing our teeth.

On the other hand, to show the child that washing the head is not dangerous, it is worth filling a baby bathtub (if you still have one) or a bowl with water and let the baby wash his head. It's worth involving dad in this process, because shorter hair is easier to wash and foams faster, so the kids will have more fun. This game will end with completely wet clothes and a flood around the bowl, but what are not done for the sake of the kids?

The last option will be to make the bath more attractive with bath balls or special paints. And here the new Mini U brand comes to our aid!

The sparkling water pleasantly relaxes both children and adults. This explains why various types of bath bombs and bath salts are so popular in drugstores.

In our store you will find not only fantastic Mini U bath bombs, for example in the shape of a spaceship, but also a set for creating sparkling bath bombs at home. It is an interesting form of spending time together with your child and also a great way to learn creativity.

Mini U also offers natural hair shampoos and bath gels, including bubble gum or strawberry scent. Gels color the water, providing the little ones with additional attractions. It is worth noting that the cosmetics do not color the skin and the bathtub, so you can use them without fear!

Beautifully scented, colorful and eye-catching Mini U bath accessories will delight every child and at the same time take care of delicate and demanding skin. These cosmetics are safe for both infants and older children.

There is a huge chance that these products will quickly become your favorites! If you want, you can also try them out on yourself. Who will prohibit? Especially that many cosmetics for adults contain ingredients that irritate the skin, sensitize and generally have a negative effect on health. It is worth reading the compositions and choosing the most natural cosmetics possible.

As adults and to some extent resistant to various types of cosmetic products, we can afford to buy any hair shampoo or body wash gel. The skin of a child is much more sensitive, so it is worth taking a moment to read the composition of children's cosmetics. Not all of them will be good.

Manufacturers of Mini U focus on quality, so the composition of bath balls and lotions does not contain parabens, alcohol, silicones and harmful chemicals. What's more, cosmetics for children also do not contain soy, gluten, dairy products and animal ingredients. This is perfect care and cruelty free in addition!

Among the components that make up the Mini U hygiene products, we can find aloe vera and vitamin E, thanks to which the skin remains deeply moisturized and nourished.

All Mini U cosmetics were produced in Great Britain, where the brand's headquarters is also located.

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