A baby's bath is one of the most beautiful and stressful moments of parenthood. Babies and toddlers will find splashing in the water a lot of fun, and bath toys and accessories can certainly help. We invite you to the entry devoted to the necessary and at the same time the best accessories for bathing children.

The moment of transferring the baby from the tub to the bath towel is strategic, because the delicate organism of a newly born person is extremely sensitive and requires special protection. Caring mums and dads can easily cope with this task, but they will certainly not be indifferent to practical and delicate baby towels.

Soft cotton towels with a hood for babies are offered, among others, by the Numero 74 brand. A comfortable cut that allows the baby to wrap the baby immediately means full comfort for the parent, but there are plenty of such towels. What distinguishes Numero 74 towels, as well as other brands of towels available in our store, is the quality of workmanship and the materials used. Cotton is dyed with non-toxic paints, which we will not experience in the case of bath towels available in chain stores. A high-quality bath towel will certainly also be used by other kids, when our child grows out of it.

For older children, we have cute towels that they can wrap and warm up after leaving the evening bath. A hooded towel in the shape of a hippo or crocodile head will certainly encourage children to carry out the evening routine without looking for excuses, and every parent knows that it is difficult to distract from the fun of a happy young child.

In turn, for hot summer evenings, we recommend Tine K towels in the boho style. Made of breathable cotton, they are very comfortable to use, perfect for children and adults.

For a child, every moment spent with parents is the best gift. If you, as a parent, approach your evening bathroom routine with enthusiasm, your child will also find it necessary to brush their teeth, wash their head and body every day.

In many homes, bath toys for children have always been used to make it more attractive for them to splash in the bathtub. However, before you reach for a rubber duck or other colorful accessories straight from China, pay attention to silicone bathing gadgets. As young children get to know the world through biting, we have to reckon with the fact that each toy will be clogged with enthusiasm, because in this way the toddler examines its shape and structure. In this way, all the toxic paints, plastic phthalates and other harmful substances, which manufacturers say reluctantly, enter the child's body, damaging his health.

In turn, silicone is a natural, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and human-friendly material. There is a reason why silicone is used in the kitchen to safely store food. It is a great material for creating toys that are pleasant to the touch, safe and very attractive to children.

Very interesting sets of silicone toys for children are offered by the Liewood brand. The manufacturer has created sets of openable toys, perfect for making evening baths or games in the pool or beach more attractive. Toys of various shapes are easy to clean, attractive and pleasant for the gums eagerly awaiting the first tooth and the next.

Not all children like to bathe. Most just don't want to waste time on it when there are so many fascinating chores around, such as building a tower out of blocks or walking around the house piggybacking at Dad's. Children also have their own activities and do not necessarily understand that brushing teeth is necessary to maintain good teeth. The parent's task is therefore to implement healthy habits through play.

You can turn your evening routine into fun, for example by pretending that the bathtub is the ship that will take your toddler to the Toy Island. It seems unattractive to adults, but a child's unlimited imagination is really able to see a fantastic ship and adventure in an ordinary bathtub. A child caught up in play will forget about his doubts.

It is worth inventing games tailored to the child, to his favorite things and activities. And if you lack creativity, reach for the secret weapon for parents, i.e. bath balls and colored bath pencils by Mini U. The balls will safely color the water with a fascinating color, and the pencils will allow you to smear on the bathtub and tiles. Don't worry, the paintings can be quickly washed off with water, which will surely interest even the child himself.

We should also remember that young children love to imitate their beloved parents. Therefore, offering them accessories that can imitate adults can prove to be the key to success. For example, the small Liewood mirror will allow your child to observe himself while brushing his teeth. The Ulla step, on the other hand, will add height to the toddler, and the child will always like better visibility. It is worth empathizing with the role of a child and making everyday activities wonderful!

Finally, it is worth adding that we will develop healthy habits in a child as soon as we work together. After all, the whole family can brush their teeth at the same time. It will be uncomfortable, but how joyful!

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