We are happy to introduce the new BOBO CHOSES AW18 collection THE HAPPYSADS, the fanciest music band ever! The Happysads is inspired by kids and their way of expressing contradictory emotions. We really hope you will like the collection as much as we do!

About the collection

Bobo Choses is glad to present the fanciest music band ever. They sing about children and their roller coaster-like feelings spinning round and round, up and down; they play both right and wrong; they act like always never; they listen to sad songs and change just like the weather... They are The Happysads! AW ‘18-19 clothing collection The Happysads is inspired by kids and their way of expressing contradictory emotions. They might have hard times identifying their feelings; they might not even know what to name them. Instead, they express themselves by throwing temper tantrums or having meltdowns… The collection comprises some 300 references, including baby, kid, accessories, home and woman collection products.

The Happysads - contrasts full of harmony 

Happy, sad. Good, bad. Always, never. Yes, no. Children's emotions are like a roller coaster - they spin around, fall down, and rise up. And all this happens in a blink of an eye. The Bobo Choses brand understands this perfectly. Inspired by the way children express contradictory feelings, Bobo Choses has created a collection for the fall / winter season 2018 named "The Happysads". A collection full of contrasts, and at the same time, a wonderfully harmonious one.

Happy, sad. Bitter, sweet.  Cat, dog. Piggy, elephant. Bobo Choses has great fun playing with contradictions. The prints on cotton long-sleeved shirts, button-up cardigans or girl's dresses reference the rollercoaster of children's moods. Playful cat-dog, elephant-piggy or a bitter-sweet candy perfectly reflect the changeability of children.

Happy, sad. White, black. Pink, navy. Green, blue. Bobo Choses focuses on contrasting colors in the brand's typical shades, and on very clear patterns. Wool cardigan in yellow and white stripes, a knitted skirt in an interesting stitch in five colors, a jacket with a hood and an extended back with contrasting triangles, or a long skirt in vertical navy and pink stripes -- these are just few examples of perfectly matching opposites. On short autumn and winter days, the wealth of Bobo Choses colours turns boredom into fun.

Happy, sad. Lace, velvet. Knit, wool. Organic cotton, soft fur. A cream dress with a ruffle of intricate lace and a velvet dress with the same cut, but in a deep, vivid dark blue allows you to change a romantic day into a dark and stormy night. A dark knitted sweater with contrasting cars, a sunny cashmere top with "The Happysads" black print, a long coat made of soft, gray fur, or an organic cotton knee-length skirt in navy-pink checks certainly fit perfectly with the ever-changing moods of children.

Happy, sad. Small, large. Yes, no. Bobo Choses offers a multitude of small and large accessories, which allow you to give a unique character to every outfit. A pink bag with a handle, with a bitter-sweet candy, a green knitted headband, socks in contrasting colours, a knitted striped hat with a red pop-pom, or gloves with a "Yes, No" print -- these are suggestions that will easily meet children's needs.

Bobo Choses The Happysads collection is full of contradictions but this diversity allows it to be fantastically coherent. The best quality materials, perfect workmanship and unique designs make The Happysads an ideal choice for all lovers of unique style.


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