Branded children's clothes perfect for summer: Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini and Louise Misha!

Hot summer can take its toll on both adults and children. There is more and more talk about the need to check the materials from which summer clothes are sewn. It can be said that quality wins over fashion, which very often puts style first, and then comfort and quality. Fortunately, there are still brands that combine all of these features! See branded children's clothes from the best children's fashion manufacturers!

Loose children's summer clothes - Louise Misha

If we were to choose the products at Miss Lemonade that we associate the most with sunny summer, it would be a series of children's clothes from Louise Misha. The brand's shorts, skirts, T-shirts and dresses are colorful and patterned. They are somewhat associated with the style loved by hippies in the 1960s, but with a modern twist.

Louise Misha children's clothes are made of soft cotton. Bright colors and a loose cut are perfect for summer heat. We must remember that children have at least three times more energy than adults. In addition, they are curious about the world and constantly have to do something, have fun and discover. It is not surprising that not all clothes suit the toddlers' taste. Has it ever happened that your daughter refused to wear a dress because it was "scratching her neck"? Or maybe a blouse was uninteresting for a child because it did not have any interesting colors and patterns? With Louise Misha, nothing like this will happen. Children's clothes of this brand are airy and loose - they have a good chance of becoming your child's favorite clothes!

And here's good news for moms - Louise Misha also sews great dresses for women in a similar, flowery and positive style. Maxi and midi dresses are very fashionable this season, but they have been popular for many years. If you want to wear comfortably and at the same time look fashionable, feminine and stylish, you will love Louise Misha dresses.

Original children's shorts and skirts for the summer - Bobo Choses

Children love to stand out. Carefree love, love for the world and the lack of meaningless complexes are wonderful features that make toddlers arouse in adults an indescribable longing. It has been known for a long time that it is worth following an example in children!

Bobo Choses is one of the most famous producers of children's fashion. Bobo Choses clothes attract attention because they are really original. They perfectly combine children's patterns with a cut that delights adults. For us, Bobo Choses shorts, skirts and T-shirts are a bit associated with the 90s, although there are also references to the 70s in the form of wide trousers and overalls.

If your child likes to stand out and reacts with delight to funny, interesting prints, be sure to check out the summer clothing collections of this brand.

Dresses, T-shirts and swimwear for children - Mini Rodini

We have more original offers for you straight from Mini Rodini - a delightful brand of children's clothes. In great collections, designers combine fashionable styles with typically children's motifs. Thanks to this, we can admire an elegant shirt with unicorns or a simple dress, also with dozens of satisfied unicorns. The Mini Rodini collection with hearts deserves a separate attention.

The Mini Rodini styles also include summer clothes for boys. A fantastic option are colorful baseball caps that children like and at the same time are an excellent protection for the head in hot weather. It is worth taking care of the purchase of this element of children's clothing, especially since children can play outside for many hours.

Mini Rodini is an expert in combining the comfort of parents and children's satisfaction. In the brand's collection you will find clothes for everyday and special occasions. Celebrations or occasions that require elegant clothes from children are a common problem. Funny animal motifs quickly convince a rebellious daughter to wear an elegant dress, because unicorns have this power!

At Miss Lemonade you will find lots of fantastic summer clothes for children from sustainable brands. In our store, we focus on natural materials and great quality. The above suggestions are only examples, so we encourage you to explore the FASHION category to find more great suggestions for children's wardrobe!

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