Colorful autumn with Sticky Lemon accessories!

The new school year has just begun, giving rise to new adventures. Preschoolers and primary school students get used to new challenges, make friendships with other children, and learn complex material from lessons. It is worth remembering that autumn is not only about school. It's also about long walks and cozy evenings! It's going to be a colorful fall with Sticky Lemon accessories!

How to take a break from school?

Surely you've come home from work feeling exhausted. In this state, it is difficult to collect your thoughts, your head evaporates, and the slightest thing irritates you. And although adults would gladly exchange work for school, school is no less a challenge for children than work for us. From the child's point of view, the classroom is a place of new rules, new expectations and new people. This is a huge challenge that evokes various emotions in the minds. Sometimes these emotions take over and parents are surprised that at school their toddler is an angel, and at home he turns into a real troublemaker! Meanwhile, a few-year-old does not make us angry at all, but tries to get rid of the excess of emotions.

It's important to take regular breaks from school and work, which can be a nice combination for families. Sometimes it's better to leave dirty dishes in the kitchen and instead throw yourself on the couch and watch a good Disney story with the kids. More immersive than most modern movies! Another way to relax is to cook together. In the kitchen, it is not only convenient to cook, but also to talk great. Making cookies together can turn into a long conversation about school, and the children encouraged by questions like - What did you do at school today? Did you meet / meet any cool person? - they will casually throw off the burden of emotions and challenges.

A family walk will also be a very pleasant way to rest together after school. This is a great opportunity to collect chestnuts and colorful leaves for a herbarium. On your way, it is worth taking a thermos with sweet tea or a solid portion of cocoa, and of course tasty snacks. All these great things will fit colorful Sticky Lemon backpacks. On the occasion of the new school year, the brand launched a new line of school bags, backpacks and sachets.

Sticky Lemon Adventure Collection invites you to fall adventures

We definitely prefer summer to autumn, but it must be admitted that autumn also has its charm. On rainy days, autumn encourages you to laze around at home, and on sunny afternoons, it motivates you to pick chestnuts and acorns. What's worth noting: cakes in nearby cafes and pastry shops taste best in autumn!

The new line of Sticky Lemon backpacks - Adventure Collection very much resembles the Polish golden autumn, although the brand comes from the Netherlands. The manufacturer is eager to experiment with colors and retro style, and at the same time does not forget about functionality. After all, we are talking about backpacks that must be stable, comfortable and roomy. Personally, we really appreciate the multitude of compartments in the small and large Sticky Lemon backpacks. They allow you to organize your own things perfectly, which the children also like. And it allows you to quickly find the necessary items, and after all, there is no time to waste on family walks - so many attractions around you attract attention!

If you are worried about your child's spine, let's reassure you, backpacks may contain only a small amount of stuff. However, it is important to give your child something to wear so that they can enjoy the fact that, like mom or dad, they are carrying a backpack with their valuables. It is also worth mentioning that Sticky Lemon backpacks from the latest Adventure collection are adapted to harsh weather conditions. The solid, thicker material makes the Sticky Lemon backpacks and sachets withstand intensive use. Water resistance is also an important feature, thanks to which the inside of the backpack will never be unpleasantly wet. For this, all you need to do is choose waterproof shoes and a warm coat and you can survive the fall!

Sticky Lemon Adventure Collections are backpacks perfect for school trips, long walks with parents, camping, holidays and many other trips. The large Sticky Lemon backpack will provide your child with comfort for at least a few years. And you know what's the best? The design of Sticky Lemon backpacks is very universal, so they are not only accessories for small children.

Developing creativity in children at home

During the school year, it is crucial not to forget about life outside of school. Let us remember that children are only children and they still have a great need for fun and carefree exploration of the world, and it is difficult to develop in schools in this respect. There is a lot of talk about the fact that school kills creativity and, unfortunately, learning creativity and assertiveness in a child rests almost entirely on the shoulders of the parents. And although there are still many passionate teachers in schools, we should not delude ourselves that the school is only positive. The school system simply does not allow each child to receive sufficient time and attention. And every girl and boy deserve to feel special.

You may be upset in the above paragraph, but don't worry. We often emphasize it - children are really gifted and strong. Unnecessary wreath miracles, all you need is acceptance and a little friendly interest. There is time for lessons and there is time for play, and in the home it is play that should prevail. A relaxed, confident child will learn faster and more effectively. It is worth instilling in children such a willingness to take on challenges and to treat learning as play. This will ensure that the toddler will not be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of duties.

Today we would like to encourage you not only to look at our great backpacks and school accessories, but also to look for interesting articles on the web (written by psychologists and educators - you should always check it) about the challenges that young students face. In this way, you will find a lot of simple tips that will make school life easier for the whole family.

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