Nothing makes children happy more than the opportunity to discover new ways of spending free time. Toddlers have a highly developed imagination already by nature, but it is worth developing their creativity as well, because it will bring them a lot of benefits!

Older generations in their childhood did not have the choice of toys that children do today. Therefore, it was popular to create dolls or stuffed animals from everything that was available. Both the children and their parents showed great creativity.

Creativity is still present in the lives of children, but easy access to television or the Internet somewhat inhibits its development. Viewing pictures and videos on the web is simple, it works on the brain's pleasure center, but does not motivate the child to look for other ways to spend free time.

Schools are also no longer open to maneuver. There is simply no time for creativity in the lessons. All responsibility for developing a toddler's practical skills rests with his parents and himself. But there's no need to worry: babies are amazing and can learn a lot in a short time. Show your son or daughter how to play creatively. Try to give him or her a good example of ideas for spending free time. Creative toys can draw children in the same way as a tablet or a phone. It is up to adults to decide which path they will show their children.

Puzzle, domino, kaleidoscope, or maybe a decal? Fantastic brands of children's accessories will not let your little ones get bored! Let the child move to the world of magic, fairy tales, and help him gain knowledge about the surrounding world through play, from which he will not be able to tear himself away!

For girls, we recommend amazing sets of Djeco artistic beads and patches. Each set is a separate category representing flowers, birds and mammals. The same manufacturer also offers great girly sets with stamps, stickers, scratch cards and cutouts. Gifted children will also be able to learn origami and test their skills in drawing interesting templates.

The boys will surely be interested in the cutscenes depicting the cosmos or dinosaurs. Removable pirate tattoos, comic book decals with different stories and dominoes are also very attractive for boys.

In turn, boys and girls alike will love the colorful kites, face paints and wooden musical instruments. The latter can be quite a nuisance for parents, but what is not done for a little musician!

Very interesting toys for the development of creativity are also offered by the Moulin Roty brand. Sticker coloring pages, original crayons, crayons, yard chalk and even face masks - the producers of Moulin Rota know what real fun is! An interesting gadget can also be a detective's magnifier, which will be appreciated by every little researcher. Girls will also appreciate the suitcase with a doll and clothes. This is the perfect start for the future fashion creator!

The new Londji brand has amazing creative toys. The manufacturer is famous for beautifully made kaleidoscopes that can charm every child (and adults as well). We recommend, for example, a kaleidoscope with planets or unicorns. They are really beautiful!

Londji is also about creative games, including those known and liked for years in memory. The memo depicting the history of the Middle Ages seems particularly interesting. Save the Cat and the Postman board game are also very interesting. Beautiful graphic design stimulates the child's imagination and makes the play fascinating!

Children are wise by nature and endowed with amazing imaginations. A wise parent gives the child the tools to develop his natural predispositions. In the early years of development, it is mainly creativity, which is a great basis for learning new things and shaping new skills.

A creative child will never be bored. Moreover, the development of creativity goes hand in hand with an increase in intelligence. This means that in the future, the little student will not have to sit with books for hours to learn the material. There will be more time for fun and development of passion!

Being creative also means being able to solve problems and deal with stressful situations. A creative child will become a gifted adult in the future that will not be broken by any problem. In short, life will be easier for him and he is more likely to fulfill his dreams and find a good job with ease. These are, of course, very distant times for a few-year-olds, but it is worth bearing in mind that every toddler will grow up one day.

All parents want to have gifted children, forgetting that they are even born gifted. We encourage you to use creative toys and spend your free time together with children. It is sometimes very difficult, but nevertheless it is worth developing family rituals when everyone is having fun together. Let us remember that mom and dad are superheroes for a child, whom they want to imitate.

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