It sometimes doesn’t take a lot to feel the magic. Combination of delicacy and naturalness in reference to the fashion roots. Find out about the life philosophy of one of the leading and most popular trademarks selected by us - Numero 74.

Not only girls have the dream to become a beautiful princess, boys on the other hand want to morph into a brave and worrisome knight. Everyone deep down dreams of a fairytale land where he or she could find his or her espace and leave behind the everyday hustle and bustle and the obligations and duties we are burdened with. Founders of Numero 74, Nancy and Poupy know it very well. They made a go of creating a world brimful of magic, delicacy and… awesome fragrant! Just after the first encounter with this world you will fall in love with it. The infatuation will be independent on the age you are. Delicate muslin cotton not only can wrap our offspring up but it also conjures the smile into blissful mothers’ faces. Simple clothing cuts, delicate coloring inspired by the surrounding environment and the timelessness of every single design are a list of just few features why we are in love with this trademark.

Numero 74 desires everyone to feel and experience the freedom and purity it is why their designs are characterized by lightness and simplicity. Girls’ dresses have to be falling off the arms during the cheerful play time and long women skirts have to perform a dance across the ground beneath when mothers accompany their children and look after toddlers being wrapped up into soft blankets. Loose boy clothing doesn’t hinder the movements during joyful and playful tag games.

To make the dream come true and turn your live into a bit of a fairytale Numero 74 offers a wide range of accessories for home. The concept of home decor according to this trademark is based on tradition. The vast amount of designs are kept in vintage style – sawed metal parts wrapped into muslin not entirely finished cloth are not the sign of passing time but it is a bow to the timeless tradition of home designing. Hand woven baskets upholstered with cotton prove to be ideal for toddlers and young children. Under the vault of canopy every member of family will find his or her shelter. It is the place to unwind and get some rest from all worries and hassles or where you can share this joy of relaxing being undisturbed. To achieve the ultimate comfort you can heap a mountain of soft pillow in different shapes. Young explorers can build a place of their own which will take form of an Indian tipi. To be able to differentiate the space dedicated to children, the structures there are coiled around with garlands in favorite colors and patterns whereas little girls turn into fairies. Their hairs are braided with velvet butterflies and they put flowery bands on their heads. With their flashing starry wands they can cast a lot of spells. There is the land where there are no impossible things to do.

Make yourself comfortable in the world of Numero 74 and treat yourself to things we offer, take a pleasure in visiting our website!


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