Ecological toys for children, why is it worth having them?

Nowadays, we can find in stores everything we need and what we don't need either. Unfortunately, the wide range of products does not go hand in hand with their quality. Well-thought-out shopping brings a lot of benefits and we want to tell you about these benefits and about ecological toys today!

Children's toys, what are the best?

Children, even though they are small and inconspicuous, hide within themselves the great power of an unlimited mind. Only toddlers can turn any available item into a toy. It is a childhood gift and a challenge for parents who have to watch out for fearless little explorers before they get into the cabinet with cosmetics or other potentially dangerous things.

Loving parents want to give their children the best and even more. Hence, many moms and dads feel the need to buy all the attractive toys, because celebrities have them on Instagram, because they advertise them on TV, etc. Meanwhile, the child has only one pair of hands and grows fast. It does not need dozens of stuffed animals and hundreds of gadgets, because they will soon turn into garbage polluting the planet. And the toddler will not enjoy them as much as the ads show.

So what to buy and how much to buy? As reasonable entrepreneurs, we recommend that you buy things that can be given away or resold as your child grows out of them. Not for profit, but for the sake of the planet in which our adult son or daughter will live in the future.

So we recommend educational toys, because they teach and play, as well as attractive, high-quality accessories for children. It so happens that many very good toys come from sustainable production and can be called ecological.

Ecological toys for children, which are what?

If you want to make your family's everyday life greener, it doesn't mean that you have to give up interesting accessories and toys for children. At Miss Lemonade, we focus only on sustainable brands, which is why all items available from us bear the hallmarks of ecology.

Of course, the production of each item has some environmental impact, but it is important to keep it as low as possible. However, this is not the only thing that distinguishes organic brands from ordinary ones.

Ecological toys, for example made of wood, colored with non-toxic paints or using recycled materials, are often more expensive than those available in supermarkets or popular retail chains. It is worth noting that they are also more interesting, have better quality and are safe for the health of babies, and this is the most important thing!

Plastic used in the production of gadgets and toys for children very often contains toxins (for example phthalates), which discreetly negatively affect all of us. That is why it is really good to give up shopping at Aliexpress, because items for a few zlotys are almost certainly full of toxins. Why? Because toxic materials are cheap and profitable for the entrepreneur.

So if we buy less, but also bet on better products, we will all benefit from it. This also applies to toys. It is important that children like dolls, blocks or stuffed animals, and then buying a whole toy trailer will not be necessary!

Recommended ecological toys for girls and boys

Good toys are adapted to the age and taste of the child. Because it doesn't say that girls have to like dolls and boys shouldn't play with coloring books. No, each game teaches and develops a child, so let's let our Treasures play with whatever they want!

Did you play shop as children? The Liewood brand can provide your children with a fantastic wooden cash register and a payphone that will allow small shopkeepers to run their business at a high level. Konges Slojd, Djeco and Liewood wooden accessories will let your little ones play doctors, musicians, beauticians, cooks, hairdressers and more! Older kids will love these products!

All kinds of stationery accessories will be an amazing joy for children. Cards, stickers, markers, paints, posters - all this will stimulate the child's imagination and encourage them to develop creativity. The OOLY brand with its coloring pages, scratch cards and sticky notes can be an absolute hit here!

On the other hand, really small children who are just discovering the reality around them, will appreciate the Senger Naturwelt cotton-wool cuddly toys, which can also be used as natural hot water bottles. Such a plush friend will surely be the perfect companion for a trip around the house on all fours.

Our collection also includes accessories for babies. Instead of a plastic rattle, we recommend the Main Sauvage wool rattle. Made of alpaca wool, it is safe for the baby's health, and at the same time very encouraging to crush it and shake it. The same brand also offers fantastic teddy bears-blankets, but we will tell you more about accessories for babies in the next post!

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